hero's value (story)

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hero's value (story)

Post by eru » Tue Jul 09, 2019 4:44 pm

Constantly updated, even early chapters.

introduction . 1

This info should be read before you play a shard..

..and this info after you complete it. Enjoy the game!

hero and his home . 2
Earlier today, you found a safe way to the depths you've never been before. The impassable Serpent bridge was so narrow you safely passed and found an old library, which you looted of a single book.
Now, you're heading back up.

The way across the bridge and further up was as easy as on the way down.. not many enemies nor traps. You're reaching the first floor.

caves of lesser evil . 3
Caves of lesser evil, also called the first floor, is the top floor of the whole den and also your very first training grounds.. your dad trained you to fight in here since your early years. Floorwise, the Serpent bridge lies on the 5th floor and the deepest you've ever been is the 7th floor, only once and only with your father. The floors you train most often nowadays are from 2nd to 4th, depends on how big of a group you are.
Once on the 1st floor, it's a short way out. Perhaps your friend will be waiting here. He didn't make it today, as he had to work till late afternoon.

Oh, Karl did wait here.. and he's blown away as expected!

almanach . 4

It's late and you're tired,..

..best to think wise after a good sleep.

hero's village . 5
You village is now a little bit uneasy, as all the old heroes, your father included, left to help with and discuss the defences against the rising undead threat to the neighbouring village and soon after they left, new fort arose right in front of yours.
Both you and Karl think that you could take on the fort, easy.. but unfortunately, you're not allowed to do that.

The smell of your moms cooking makes you walk home twice as fast.

hero's home . 6
Your mom is a ..


dream . 7
You fall asleep fast..
..and find yourself amidst the Endless desert. Nothing but everpresent sand, dry air and bombarding sun.

And now, you finally found it!

The Calling . 8
You recite the old mystical formula, fires and smoke blow out of nowhere.. and you find yourself under a giant shadow. You blinked..

The Calling is clear, your father revealed to you that when the entity calls, a hero's journey begins. He always told you, the Calling is a tradition older than Monolisk itself.

leaving your home . 9
You wake up early, feeling great even tho you didn't sleep that long. Quietly pack your belongings and ready yourself to face your mom.

Better that father? You're ready to reforge the Monolisk itself, if it means proving you're better.

leaving your village . 10
It's very early in the morning, perhaps a bit too cold, but nonetheless ideal for starting a grand adventure!
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Re: hero's journey (story chain)

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yeah ... to be updated ! :D

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