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Re: Loading error

Post by Luminaar » Tue May 30, 2017 8:09 pm

TestreHuck wrote:Yes. but tell me how it may help?
(I'll copy the e-mail here, since the point of having the Bug Report forum was in part, so people can look at solved cases for answers - don't forget to create a new post if you are having this problem and can't fix it though! Please read the Bug Report information and the Frequently Asked Questions!)

Thanks for the information on here. You were wondering about resetting your cache with regards to you losing your account. Thank you for mentioning that your old network was connected to Google Play.

First things first, your network will remain on the system even if you can't access it. :)

Your device is currently prevented from loading anything, most likely because the Android 6 information that is stored in your cache is not compatible with Android 4. Clearing this will be the first step in getting your network back, and will hopefully enable you to access the game.

Once you're in the game, getting you connected is the next step. Ideally, once you're able to access the game, it will recognise that the Google ID is indeed the same and say that a network already exists.

If it doesn't prompt you that a network already exists, then start a new game. An option for already having an account will display in the top right corner, and prompt you for Android or iOS. Select Android. The game will then ask Google Play for the information and should recover your network.

If it doesn't, there are still other steps we can take :) Let's progress through this first though as that should resolve it :)
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