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Program/Node Ideas (Disclaimer for Trickster)

Postby Malicide » Sat Dec 23, 2017 2:56 am

Here's a list of a few program and node ideas I had for awhile now. I also had the idea of introducing Addons as a feature for all the current nodes and/or programs we currently have in the game. Feel free to comment on them or post your own ideas for programs or nodes in this thread!

Disclaimer for Trickster Arts: Any and all ideas I, Malicide, post in this forum I leave open for use, edit, or change by the company Trickster Arts for the game Hackers if you so desire. I relinquish full ownership of these ideas to you and you can expect absolutely no legal recourse should you decide to use these ideas.

Program Ideas:
  • Shortcut: Stealth Program - A high-profile stealth program used to create a link between nodes if there is available space to the targeted node. May only connect to nodes that are no more than 3 steps away from the starting point; Both connected nodes are considered hacked (other programs may NOT be put onto these nodes until at least one adjacent node is captured) and the recapture of either node will sever the connection.

Node Ideas:
  • AMP: Dual Function Node - Nodes that are 3 steps away from the AMP are given a 5% buff (caps out at 15% at maximum level). Business Side: Building, Upgrade, and Compiling time is reduced. The AMP cannot be moved while a nearby node is working. Defensive Side: The damage, attack speed, and scan speed of applicable nodes is increased. This buff is lost if the AMP is Hacked or disabled.

[NEW] Addons:
    Program Addons
    • Infectious: Worms Program Addon - The Worms program proliferates 25% faster than normal, but deals 10% less total damage
    • Cataclysmic Expulsion: Maniac Program Addon - At the cost of taking 3 seconds longer to load in, it will deal its maximum damage to the target node and split its total damage evenly to adjacent nodes from the target node if it is successfully hacked. This may occur multiple times with the split damage as long as the node is hacked by it.
    • Firewake: Kraken Program Addon - When Kraken inhabits a hacked node, the node will slowly regain it's Firewall over time (healing effectiveness increased by 5% for any additional tenticle present on the same node). Attack damage is reduced by 10%.
    • Regenerative Barrier: Protector Program Addon - Protector's regeneration is increased by an additional 5%, but buffer size is reduced by 10%.

    Node Addons
    • Prism: Sentry Node Addon - When the anti-virus spreads through the system, all affected nodes gain a 10 - 15% deflection to any active hack. The deflected damage is dealt to any non-hacked adjacent nodes split evenly (deflected damage will NOT be deflected further). Disclaimer: I have @HCX - DReaD to thank for the inspiration for this idea. :D
    • Focus Lens: Scanner Node Addon - Increases the effectiveness of Scanner's stealth detection by 15%, but can only detect stealth activity no more than 2 steps away.
    • Wide Lens: Scanner Node Addon - Increases the distance at which stealth hacks are detected by +1 step, but detection effectiveness is reduced by 15%.
    • Deletion Protocol: Black Ice Node Addon - When Black Ice fires at a hacked node, there is a 50% chance that a random program will be deleted from the node (Shield Programs that are deleted this way will still block the damage before disappearing). Black Ice's fire rate is reduced by 10%.
    • Reaching Link: Guardian Node Addon - Guardian's Protection shield can spread to other nodes 1 additional step away from the Guardian at the cost of reducing Guardian's protection shield by 10%.
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Re: Program/Node Ideas (Disclaimer for Trickster)

Postby Malicide » Mon Jan 08, 2018 9:28 pm

Update! I added some more addon ideas. I may come up with more program, node, and addon ideas down the line. I'll update again as new stuff is added in. :)


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