The game is in parts.

Various ways of using programs during hacks
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The game is in parts.

Postby Rukuto » Wed Mar 08, 2017 10:37 am

I am only a lvl 38, so.
My experience till now has been that this game is in parts. Your experience changes as you play this game. Your strategies change as well. And these experiences and strategies do not vastly differ for different players.

Correct me if I am wrong:
Starting lvls were easy, the wall, beam attacks.
Then comes the shuriken phase.
Then the worms phase.
Then the access data leech.
Then the stealth attacks with wraith.
Then stealth portal strategy.
Then back to beam walls.
Then beams, walls, and rams.
Then beams walls, wraith and access to take out the gates.

I am at the last stage currently.

You all will say, that as new programs are unlocked bullshit. But no, open a different account, try using a different strategy other than mentioned in that phase and you will not be able to win. There are no options. Because it's designed such. I don't have the full analysis but I am sure, with a lvl 3 beam vs a lvl 2 gate, you can't do anything. The defences are lvlled up in such a way, while your offences are not giving you choice.

Same goes for experience:
The beginning few lvls are easy to get through.
Then it becomes difficult for a bit (9-15) till you can unlock stealth.
Then comes the easy to get through part.
Then again a snag with your resources being looted black and blue.
Then it becomes easier with portal for a bit.
Then again a snag.

It continues.

You may also have noticed that a certain range of players are shown to you. If you are at the bottom of that range, it becomes very difficult To do anything. This is also in parts as I mentioned.

Your upgrade priorities also change with them which inturn influences attack strategies. The sentry which seems to do nothing in the beginning (trust me a lvl 11 sentry is a lvl turret - the sentry smashes you badly) then the gates are priorities. Then the turrets. Then the scanner. Then resources during the snag. (Program and space upgrade goes on the full time - if not, you are an idiot).

I am comparing this game to clash of clans. (Two years back). I have never experienced this stages in that game. I could easily shuffle between different attack strategies. What mattered was your troop lvl. It also gave varying options on design choices which this game doesn't give much.

In the starting everyone protected the core.
Then sentry was attached to four nodes. Then code was pushed to the front.
Always your net connection is in the front ( no choice, so that means 3 of your program nodes are at the front).
The mixer and collectors at the back
Then scanner next to gate.
Then your core was pushed front.
Then came the turret on gate.
Then came the lvl 1 scanner and three turrets.

These are the basic base designs..Which are pre-planned..No choices.

Agreed this game is good but it cannot hope to be the best as their are so many weaknesses to it also.

The army cost to profit.
The amount of resources that get looted. 1/3 rd in one blow. Boom.

If you don't agree with me, check the programs your attackers brought. 90% will be the same program composite.

I would also like to discuss ranks and their completely botched up attempt to make it even fair or alluring to even try.

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Re: The game is in parts.

Postby PerseVerAnce » Wed Mar 08, 2017 2:25 pm

It is called the meta.

But you don't have to follow it.

I'm level 28, and have been almost using exclusively Beam Cannons, Ice Walls, Blaster and Protector so far. Yes, a lot of people at my level try to use the Portal, but I don't even have it unlocked yet cause 20 minute compile time is too long for me.

Yes, there are a few standard setups like Scanner behind Code Gate. But after that, there are a lot of differing base designs.

These are the most popular general ideas: ... Strategies

Check out this topic to see people's architecture: viewtopic.php?f=10&t=14
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Re: The game is in parts.

Postby GamerNeo » Wed Mar 08, 2017 5:44 pm

Just want to confirm: I also don't use stealth, worms or the kraken unless I get bored and want to use something ineffective. Haven't noticed the stages, just that when people unlock a new program they use it. By my observations of others there also seems to be a large variance of strategies. Well maybe not large since there are only a few different programs. But some people go with shuriken all the way to late game, I've seen people with max stealth while everyone else barely levels them at all etc etc. I mean I did restart just to try something else out and it's working great and feels very different this time round.

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Re: The game is in parts.

Postby Stricks » Sat Mar 11, 2017 7:53 pm

There are some different strategies, on early level is basically that cause you dont have much choice only a few programs available.

But there are some differences,and also some networks require different programs to be easier to hack, yet some combos are changeable.

For example i almost never use blasters, i see some like using them but i rather have 1 ram compiled if time became an issue on a code gate left behind. Usually do the strat with beams, walls and protector most of the way because of fast compile time, have a portal compiled just in case of an upgrading scanner and 3 wraiths for possible code gates on front (but i dont use them always, just in case).
Other than that, a must have is some shockers, in case of a good choke point on golden sentries it is always needed. Also i usually let 1 maniac compiled, almost never used, but if things get nasty you better have one or two to overcome.

As you can see i compile different programs, let them set and use depending on the network im attacking, but it have some variants. Im not even totally sure of what ill end up using. But the basic rule is = use the faster compile programs first, only if the network is hard you start using high time compiler programs

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Re: The game is in parts.

Postby Sutopia » Sun Mar 12, 2017 3:06 pm

for my case :
attack = beam beam beam beam beam done.
defend = scanner sentry sentry sentry sentry pwned.

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Re: The game is in parts.

Postby J011yR466iT » Tue Mar 14, 2017 8:49 pm

The cool thing about this game is while it may not actually be real hacking, the process for the game and real life are Virtually the Same.

I'm currently in the early stages of my career in Cyber Security, I know I'm not a bad@$$ professional in the field but I am working hard to learn as much as I can. The similarity I see between the game and the real world is as follows:

1. Scouting the Network
2. Finding Your Foothold
3. Going for Gold

To break these down:
1. Scouting is when real hackers are mapping their targeted network. Finding how far the network extends and locating the end goal. In the game, this is when you find someone of value worth hacking, looking at the network to see which programs to build.

2. Finding your foothold, in real life this phase is when they start planting the seeds for the attack (fake user accounts, injecting specific malware and basically setting up for the final phase). For the game, I would say this is the "stealth portion" of the hack. (the best hackers in real life are nothing but stealth. You don't realize they hacked you until months after you've been hacked). I'm very partial to this phase in the game. Portal is one of my favorite programs. No one really mentions it but it doubles as a wraith if used correctly. For instance, all you single AV designers, I portal into your only AV unless its way in the back, then I just portal on the choke point that connects it to the rest of your network and just cripple your defense.

3. Going for Gold in real life is when its time to take what you've slowly been waiting for and disappearing into the 1's and 0's of the internet. In the game, its when the stealth timer or scout timer is up and you start attacking.

The point to this relationship I just rambled about is that in real life, there is no "Perfect" defense or offense. There is just different vulnerabilities between different networks. Now, obviously some networks have bigger holes than others but even the hardest of networks has some form of weakness that be extorted. This holds true for the game as well.

I've literally incorporated social engineering into my defense stradegy. I'm sure anyone above lv20 has seen the lazy networks where people throw their core in the front so no one can use the kraken right? I laugh so hard at these people because it just stupid laziness, these people probably use password as their personal password. Even when they aren't worth the effort, I still stealth hack their core and leave a smart@$$ remark in the readme file. I too hate the kraken being used against me but I use that desire to use the kraken against my opponents. I put the core just far enough in my network, to where they think its worth using but the only use they get out of it is breaking my first code gate and that is it. Literally the kraken goes through a Lv5 Library, Lv4 code gate, Lv1 scanner, and Lv1 money farm, then my core. There is a lv4 AV behind my core, but its mainly there to spread the strong AV across my entire network. You would be surprised how many people bring 2-3 krakens when they attack only to find out its worthless. Wraiths are also annoying but people rarely place them in the right spot on my network. They take out 1 code gate, 1 black ice, and that is about it. Now the code gate is a given but after that, there is one spot that if placed would cripple half of my defenses, yet that one spot is a node that no one would ever use a wraith for, unless placed where I have it placed. I'm not mentioning or hinting on the placement because it is my biggest vulnerability that is still a 0 day exploit for me (thank budha). The only thing I can't really defend against is lv8-10 beams with lv 6-7 ice walls. I have a lv10 AV and a total of 3 strong choke points and 2 weak ones yet they plow on through it like butter. (Its rare but thats the only stradegy thats worked against me, besides attacking when critical nodes are upgrading).

My rep on average is right on 800 and would be a lot higher if it weren't for the fact that lower core people take my core for like +10 rep points and I can only get 5 from full attack. They should some how balance out that rep earning formula, like maybe multiply for each corner of the triangle instead of add, idk its just annoying seeing them walk away with only 600$ 19bitcoins and like 15 rep points, and I take them for $300k, 4k bit and only 5 rep.

O, and one last thing. Some people don't use certain programs out all. For instance, my shuriken program is still at lv1 and I have never used it. While I see people coming in with lv4 blasters and no rams. This is my second time, playing through, and its going 100x better than my first run through. I made it to lv30 and was just getting to core lv8, where now I'm aready lv24 and been on core 8.

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Re: The game is in parts.

Postby Hell_Diguner » Sat Mar 18, 2017 9:24 am

Jollyrabbit, your network sounds awful similar to my network around level 23. I completely redid everything when I realized my high level Core (Core rush) could be put to better use - especially since people could Portal past it if they wanted to.
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Re: The game is in parts.

Postby dooshbag » Mon Mar 20, 2017 10:55 am

My strategy is simple portal in there and maniac everything then Clean up with worms beams

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Re: The game is in parts.

Postby Duffman123 » Sun Apr 09, 2017 6:51 am

Rukuto wrote:Starting lvls were easy, the wall, beam attacks.
Then comes the shuriken phase.
Then the worms phase.
Then the access data leech.
Then the stealth attacks with wraith.
Then stealth portal strategy.
Then back to beam walls.
Then beams, walls, and rams.
Then beams walls, wraith and access to take out the gates

I actually didn't obeyed this "timeline" (also, I don't care the evolver level I've had over this explanation)
What I did is this:
- Develop Beam Cannon
- Develop Shuriken
- Started attacking networks with only sentries, with the Shuriken, taking down various nodes at the same time
- Develop ICE-wall
- Develop Data Leech
- Started doing strategies with these 4 programs
- Develop Protector
- Develop Worms
- Develop Blaster
- Using ICE-walls, Protectors and waiting for Worms to reach the furthest node while I use beam canons and blasters on defenses and occasionally on code gates
- Develop Access
- The Stealth mode peak, I fell in love with the soundtrack and with the stealth mode
- Develop Battering Ram
- Develop Shocker
- Started facing hard networks, based on my actual level in that time
- Develop Wraith
- Faced my first stealth hack but with a scanner
- Started to wraith every node I can
- Develop Kraken
- "Release the Kraken!!!"
(And now my actual situation)
- Face a B-Coin crisis
- Got 16k B-Coins for the development of Portal program
- The most painful waiting for a program developing, 24 Hours ;-;
- Got the Portal baby!
- started a vicious cycle: plan a attack > use stealth mode > wraithed nearby scanners and Code gates that get on my way > installed a Portal on the resources part of the network I hacked > steal around 2,000+ B-Coins > have enough B-Coins to do another hack > plan a attack and the cycle continues over this point, all over and over, basically never ending.

So this is what I did in my Hackers progress, was actually pretty fun and challenging :D
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Re: The game is in parts.

Postby dooshbag » Mon May 01, 2017 1:38 am

im saving up to upgrade my 3rd program library to lv 10 80k b-coins and get my stealth up an extra lv 80k each that is painful to save up


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