Program Guide;

Various ways of using programs during hacks
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Program Guide;

Post by Vinter » Sat May 07, 2016 5:17 am

So just to start off I've only been playing a few days so I haven't unlocked as many programs and I've only tested a few offense strategies,
Feel to free to add input on your own suggestions, i could update the main post so it'll be easier for everyone to read. I categorize the programs as follows,
So to start off,

1)Beam Cannon(Offensive)
The simplest offensive program. Does decent damage and has the lowest disc space usage of 1, ideally this is the program you would want to mass produce. Rather simple use, remember to completely fill the node up if you are going for a brute force strategy.
Synergies: Beam Cannon + Ice walll/Beam Cannon + Protector

It's a program that attacks all nodes connected the host node, doesn't do much damage to a single node but if you manage to find a node connected to several other nodes it could help you quickly bring down a network. The ideal target would be a core because it is usually connected to several other nodes and it has 5 slots for your shuriken.
Synergies: Shuriken + Ice wall/Shuriken + Protector

3)Ice Wall(Defensive)
Easily the most useful defense program early on, the buffer size would easily let you get past sentries and maybe a single turret. You would want to keep an eye out for Black Ice because it does large burst damage. My safe strategy is to have at least 1 ice wall for every defensive node the opponent hacker has. Also do not instant install the program, give it some time but not too much because the node can regenerate while the defense program is active.
Synergies: All Offensive Programs/Ice wall + Data leech

4)Data Leech(Utility)
Not very useful if you are just starting out. Rule of thumb though keep 1 in your disc space once you start going up against hackers with code gates. Usually the code gates slow you down to the point where you're unable to completely download the core database in time which makes a successful hack harder. Having a data leech would help you win a hack even if you don't manage to get complete control over the network.
Synergies: Data Leech + Access/Data Leech + Ice wall

One of the most useful offensive programs if you want take control over a network quickly. Damage is mediocre somewhat between the Beam Cannon and Shuriken but you can get them in large numbers so it is compensated for. You usually place them with nodes with a single connection OR a node with several connections IF you've already taken down connecting nodes. Reason being the worms program only multiplies when not in offensive use(Damaging another node)
Synergies: Does not really synergize well with any other program.

Really the best stealth program to have if you plan on stealth hacking. Gives you a large amount of options to base your strategy on. Keep an eye out for scanner though.
Synergies: All Stealth and Utility Programs

W.I.P, i can offer insights and synergies to other programs based on their descriptions but I'd rather wait to test them out myself. Feel free to disagree and voice your own thoughts and synergies.

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Re: Program Guide;

Post by accid » Fri Sep 30, 2016 4:59 am


Thanks for putting this together. Could you add a few others such as code gate etc. It's nice to know how these work and what they are used for and again.

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Re: Program Guide;

Post by maerg » Fri Sep 30, 2016 11:50 pm

Hi, nice effort putting this together.
Do you know that there's Hackers' wiki? Lot's of these general Info is already there... See:

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