Battering Ram Vs Code Gate, Hit counts.

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Battering Ram Vs Code Gate, Hit counts.

Post by Ranakastrasz » Sun Dec 25, 2016 12:24 am

I am assuming the wiki is accurate for what is entered. The numbers don't fit into any nice normal pattern, which is kinda irritating.
I just threw together a quick spreadsheet to get some basic idea of the level-based conflict. Given my current level is around 20, I didn't extend it any futher than level 10 code gate and level 7 battering ram. Mainly since wiki entries are not finished.

I was trying to determine two things. One, How durable is the gate due to the filter. It turns out, it rapidly outgrows the Code Strength. As the rest isn't yet filled in, I can only assume that the trend continues. As it goes to higher levels, you need a lot more brute force to break through. Given other things on the forum, this isn't exactly impossible. Still, the wiki says at level 18, it has around 18k firewall, which is almost 4 times that of the code strength.

The Battering ram attacks once every 3.5 seconds. Strength displayed is the DPS. As such, It is pretty easy to determine how many blasts take down a code gate.
As the ram increases in level, it takes less blasts. However, due to rounding (No such thing as a half blast) you need multiple level advantage to break it faster. Correspondingly, a high level code gate takes more blasts to break. Granularity makes each ram upgrade then more able to reduce blasts required.

In general, each level of code gate is countered by a single level of battering ram. However, the battering ram upgrades sometimes match two code gate upgrades instead.

Since you can't see the actual level of a code gate, you are restricted to only knowing the approximate level via the visual. Level 2 visual (level 4,5) takes 5 hits until you reach level 3, and 4 hits until you use a level 5 or 6 ram. While you won't know exactly how many hits it will take, (+-1) you can get a close idea of the time cost.

I have now redone the spreadsheet, adding color, and more importantly, comparison information for Blasters and Rams.
Overall, Rams break through roughly twice as fast. Higher level code gates make blasters suffer WAY more.

Given that when I use blasters on code gates, I use two, cut those numbers in half. you end up with around the same values, although there is some varience, with Ram mostly doing better.

Blasters seem to be scaling a bit better, and at higher level of blaster might match blasters. They suffer significantly more vs higher level code gates however, due to how quickly the Filtered Firewall scales, so it tends to even out.

So, in the end, here is what I see when comparing them.

Battering rams outperform Blasters one for one. They also use less space (and might cost less as well).
Two Blasters match a battering ram. This is 12 Program slots vs 5, so a serious advantage.

Battering rams are heavily use impaired. They can be used on code gates... And guardians.... Although the second one is kinda wasteful, unless its a guardian covering a code gate or a node able to attack multiple guardians-shields.

Blasters can be used in many places, not just on code gates. Versatility gives it strength.
The stun effect, especially if staggering two of them can lock down a single node completely, disabling attacks. (place one, wait two seconds, place second one. Staggered stun gives stunlock effect) Battering rams need shield support.

Battering rams don't cooperate with anything else. Blaster damage can be enhanced with beams, or worms, or anything else that deals normal damage.

Battering rams need a followup. They break the code wall, then you have to hit it with beam cannons or whatever to actually capture it.

Plenty of pros and cons on each of them.

Battering ram is specialized, having a primary job, and an almost irrelevant secondary job. In exchange, it is extremely efficient, using less space, both in your library and on the node to do it's job. It has a short install time of 2 seconds, so saves a bit of time even there.

The Blaster is generalized, having two effects, but generally just being a powerful attack program. It can attack anything, and tends to be around twice as strong as a beam cannon. The stun gives it some defensive characteristics. Its longer install time makes it harder to use effectively.

The Beam cannon, given it's attack granularity (Attacks every tick instead of every 3.5 seconds) is recorded in seconds instead of hits. As such, quick comparison isn't as trivial.

Given that there is info on all beam cannon levels, but not all code gate levels, I didn't expand code gate data. So, while it looks like beam cannons eventually trivially defeat max level code gates, that is not true.

Higher level beam cannons can tear through lower level code gates trivially, and low level beam cannons, unsurprisingly, cannot break high level code gates in a timely manner.

Given I have no idea how fast regeneration is, I cannot determine the threshhold where damage is entirely negated.

Once I get that data I can add it in.
Beam Cannon vs Gate.png
Beam Cannon vs Gate.png (14.27 KiB) Viewed 2930 times
Code Gate Calc.png
Code Gate Calc.png (45.62 KiB) Viewed 2931 times
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Re: Battering Ram Vs Code Gate, Hit counts.

Post by Luminaar » Sun Dec 25, 2016 2:39 am

Nice work, good stuff. :)

Brute force starts breaking even with Battering Rams for time at around CodeGate Level 6, give or take a bit depending on the attackers level of Beam Cannon/Blaster at the time. By around Gate level 9, you probably want to be using Rams regardless.

Great info for estimating potential time taken, as well as see how effective a Ram upgrade could be.
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Re: Battering Ram Vs Code Gate, Hit counts.

Post by Death » Sun Jan 08, 2017 1:15 am

Just to bump this up and ask a small question.

2 blasters + 1 beams (no need for an ice wall because of the disable)
or 1 ram + 1 beam and 1 ice wall?
What is the more effective strategy? - Speaking about time...

Because after you take the code gate you still need to replace the battering ram with a beam... So you are using 1 extra ice wall and 1 extra beam with this strategy. Is it worth? (Again, in regards to time effectiveness)?

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Re: Battering Ram Vs Code Gate, Hit counts.

Post by Ranakastrasz » Wed Jan 11, 2017 9:35 pm

Honestly, I am not sure. It gets more complex when you add ice walls or anything else.
I generally use one ram, one ice wall, and one worm program. (I just remove the ram when It finishes)
I haven't done all the math however, so not really sure.

I will have to look into this.

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Re: Battering Ram Vs Code Gate, Hit counts.

Post by Yopee » Wed Jan 11, 2017 11:28 pm

Back when my Blaster was level 6 and Beam was lvl 12, I had no trouble against gold gates with just 1x Blaster + 2x Beams.
1x Blaster 6-8 + 2x Beams can handle gold nipple gates but it will be a bit slow (like maybe 20-30 seconds). I would have to use 2x Blasters if I was in a hurry to bust gold nipple gates.

When I got Blaster 10, I could go back to using 1x Blaster + 2x Beams on gold nipple gates without wasting too much time.

But like the OP said, white gates became a lot tougher and required 2x Blasters.

Once I get Blaster 12, I will see if I can go back to using just 1x Blaster + 2x Beams on the lvl 13-15 white gates.

I think the most common scenario where Blaster will completely overcome Ram is when the code gate is connected to a chokepoint node also connected to another high firewall node such as a core or gold sentry.
Blaster can easily take any node except gate in three (or less) shots but there's no way Beams can fry a core faster, let alone waiting on Ram to break the gate to install the second beam.

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