What I've noticed and tried so far

Various ways of using programs during hacks
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What I've noticed and tried so far

Post by Racchi » Sat May 07, 2016 12:31 am

EDIT: June 1st 2016
So now I'm core lvl 5. I maxed everything (except for the program levels in the evolver) out before moving up from four to five.

1. Find a good target base. Pretty important to your success.
I zero in on target bases with a lot of loot. Usually I aim for a base with at least 1k Bcoin because I'm always looking to make profit (since making programs costs b coins, not gold) and upgrading my programs. The target loot value really just varies from production rate and storage space.

Most players probably have figured this out, but you can fully utilize the fact that you can come back to a base before attacking it. This basically means you can analyze your target base and make a program library accordingly to your target base.

First things I look out for when I analyze a base is what level the defensive nodes are and where they're placed. There's no concrete way of knowing what level the nodes are at (as far as I know), but I always look to their turrents. Once turrents reach a certain level, I believe 3 or 4, they obtain extra gold veins going across the body of the turrents. If the base doesn't even have level 3 turrents, that's a telltale sign of a potentially weak and low leveled base, no matter what core level they are. I've seen core level 7s or 8s with turrents that low levelled and have been able to successfully hack through the base.
Checking where the defense nodes are placed and being able to analyze if it's hackable is a bit harder. And just as a disclaimer, I don't have so much experience to ensure that my analysis of this is correct. I prefer to attack bases with all their defensive nodes in the beginning so that way once I bypass them, I won't have to worry about them later while I'm getting the resources from the base. I typically avoid bases with spread out defenses because the defensive nodes up ahead can potentially reclaim hacked nodes and mess up my attack.

2. Make a program library according to your target base.
  • Make a battering ram for every code gate. Getting by code gates without battering rams isn't impossible, but it's a huge waste of time.
  • If the target base has a lot of connections per node, make more shurikans. Shurikans spread across all connecting nodes simultaneously and is best used in nodes with a lot of connections.
  • Two data leeches for in case I'm running out of time so I can drop a data leech to finish off the base in time if I ever need it.
  • Four ice walls is my staple number of walls. I drop them onto nodes that are connected to more than one defensive node. I've never needed more than 4, but that's probably because I'm not high levelled enough and the bases I aim for don't need more than 4 as of yet.
    You can switch the ice walls with the dotted walls (I forget their names). They cost double the disk space of an ice wall, but regenerate and have a much higher buffer. I haven't really found the need for them yet because I prioritize quantity over quality, but that may change as I level up.
    For example if I see a node on their base that's the sole connection to three defensive nodes and one of the three is a black ice, I would consider bringing a dotted wall to defend against that.
  • Staple of 3 worms. Usually I only need one or two, but the third one is there if the previous two died before they could spread.
  • The rest beam cannons. The best thing about them is that they're powerful yet cheap in Bcoin and disk space (only 1 disk space!). Usually I have 30+ in my library, but it just depends on your program library level.
3. Attack!!!
Make it quick but don't place programs wastefully. It's always best to take over the defensive nodes before unleashing worms, but it isn't a huge problem if you let worms out a bit early. I've explained some other scenarios above so I think the attack is fairly straightforward otherwise.

Another viable strategy that I haven't tried is stealth hacking. At my level I can't unlock programs past the eye (don't know the official name of it, lol) on the stealth branch. But I think it'd be good to use this for looting for users who don't care about their reputation. I imagine you can just pop in, grab the loot, and end the battle prematurely before discovery.
Other strategies I haven't figured out are with blasters and shockers. I tried shocking nodes and then placing a blaster, but the shock actually wears off before the blaster is installed, so that was a flop. (At lvl1, shockers freeze nodes for 4s while blasters take 5s to install, lol) So maybe placing the blaster before the shocked would actually work out better.

Leave a reply on what you guys think below! What's works and what doesn't?
(I've left my original post below but a lot of the things I was unsure of before have been answered above. Hahah.)

ORIGINAL POST: May 7, 2016
I'm core lvl 4, library lvl 3, evolver is lvling to 2 right this moment. As of now my latest unlocked atk program is the worm. (loving them)
From what I've seen (I've not seen much, lmao) the most popular kinds of bases have a fodder node entrance, ALL or most of the defenses after the non-essential nodes and then resources and core in the back. That's great and all but it's pretty easy breaking through with upgraded cannon beams and ice walls.
I also found using worms were extremely convenient--it's a matter of which node you place them. If you put them on a node with a lot of connections (the core is a good one), the worms have more nodes to spread on and destroy :P 8-)

So my normal build right now is 3 ice walls, 2 worms, and the rest cannons. (I have a cap of 30, so 18 cannons)
I've tried using shurikens but I have no idea if they were working well because I failed the hacks I did with them, so I kind of just dropped them after a few tries. The description of them says "spreads multiple attacks to nearby enemy nodes," so I suppose they attack simultaneous attack the nodes they're connected to. But their strength stat is lower than worms and don't extend further than one node (from what I'm interpreting in the description), so the only advantage I see to using them is that they cost less disk space?? Would it be worth investing in them? :?: :?:

Lastly, the data leeches...they seem pretty useless. You can't place them down unless the node is a resource and they don't spread to other nodes or anything. I think there could be some sort of value to them with their aspect of stealth but my cannons and worms are sufficient in obtaining resources already. I also think data leeches aren't necessary when people put all their defense nodes in the beginning, so atk programs after the defenses (which typically are resource nodes) don't need any sort of mechanism to fight against the anti-viruses and such.
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Re: What I've noticed and tried so far

Post by CrumblyZ » Sun May 08, 2016 12:39 am

shuriken go from the node you place them to all directly adjacent. like a spider's leg. convienent for a fast kill when they have crazy branches done off them. I might make a guide after I level up some more. lv 2 core, building lv 2 leveler now.

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Re: What I've noticed and tried so far

Post by Pnub_utter » Fri May 13, 2016 10:15 pm

I like to keep 5 shurikens for when the core is connected to all resources. Take em all at once.

Data worm are good for getting a successful hack on core when u don't have much time left.

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