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Programs and their worth

Posted: Sat Sep 29, 2018 4:30 am
by CodeWritten
So let's get started.
---Brute Force Attacks---
Kraken: Kraken is great for networks that have their core far away from netconnections as Kraken beelines for the core once installed. There can only be one instance of Kraken on a netcon but if 2-5 tentacles meetup, they will have added strength. However, nodes with Kraken on them can still be recaptured by the network. If a tentacle is past a sentry and that sentry is recaptured, the Kraken tentacle will be severed and the sentry will need to be recaptured by the attacker for Kraken to resume picking away at the network.
Blaster: Blaster is nice for use against chokes, it's stunning and bruteforce attack capabilities make it a very powerful program, especially when levelled. However it takes time for installation rendering it useless until install.
Battering Ram: Ram was made to smash codegates and Guardian-protected nodes. The Ram will destroy the "Code Strength" on a Code Gate, which leave only the firewall, making a Code Gate weak, Paving the way for an attack. It is not a good program if combined with Kraken. Krakens can destroy a Code Gate nicely as well. Better when combined with other Krakens.
Beam Cannon: Beam Cannon is a directional attack program, it attacks the first node on its priority list and slowly attacks the other nodes that are lower. This renders beams useless as a choke can recapture a node before beam can capture another node. Don't use it if you can.
Shurikens: Shurikens attack all nodes connected at once, it is weaker then Beam but is better for taking out chokes. Shuriken is a recommendation.
Shocker: Shocker disables node function for a short period of time. Unlike Wraith, shocker lasts for a few seconds. Shocker is great for pushing through a tough chokepoint.
Dataleech: Leech doesn't attack other nodes but does speed up the download of core data, resource holders and miners. Can also be a stealth program
Maniac: Is one-time use but deals massive damage to any firewall. Is great for high level codegates.
IceWall: protects nodes until it's buffer runs out. Great with protector
Protector: protector takes time to install, but it is worth it as it is very strong and regenerates overtime, can still be overpowered though.
I may have missed a coupe programs. I will fix asap if I did.
---Stealth Attacks---
Access: Access is the first program needed for stealth. Without it, you cannot run a stealth attack on someone's net. Access and other stealth programs can be detected by Scanner and Core.
Wraith: Wraith shuts down any nodes it is applied to. Combined with bruteforce attacks. Wraith can help destroy any net. As long as the attacker is quick about installing programs.
Portal: Portal opens a Back Door connection. This allows any brute force attack to be triggered from any Portal Node. Downside: Kraken cannot be installed on any Portal Node.
What's your favourite program?
I missed a couple in the poll, too many. But comment your fav if it's not in the poll