Hackers:Tactics - Part 7 - The Assassin Combo

Various ways of using programs during hacks
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Hackers:Tactics - Part 7 - The Assassin Combo

Post by Luminaar » Fri Feb 09, 2018 11:52 pm

You can do a lot in 3 minutes!

When you're facing a Sentry that's turning nodes into Shuriken dispensers however, the seconds can easily slip away. Add in a few fortifying Code Gates, and you're spending precious time dealing with defences instead of stealing those sweet, sweet resources.
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The Assassin Combo can tear down Gates, disable Sentries, and prevent Turrets and Black ICEs from firing, all before the clock even starts ticking! Less time fighting = more time looting!
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The Art of War: Chapter VI - We learn to be invisible, inaudible; and hence we can hold the enemy's fate in our hands.
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The premise of a node assassination is to Access, your way to the offending node you wish to dispose of, and then install a Wraith on it. That's it! Like all good ninja's however, you'll have to make preparations, and, more importantly, not get caught.

Stealth programs have visibility instead of strength, their effectiveness in a hack measured by how difficult they are to detect rather than how much damage they deal. Higher level programs consume less visibility.


You'll also have to deal with Scanners and Code Gates. Scanners increase the visibility of Stealth programs within 3 nodes of itself. Code Gates increase the time taken to install Access on it, so Wraithing any Gates that are in your way is required if you want to keep your visibility as low as possible to reach your target.

There are plenty of stealth calculators available here on this forum. Armed with this knowledge, a player can prepare their hidden assaults with extreme accuracy and land their deadly strikes before the network even knows what hit it.[/size]

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Re: Hackers:Tactics - Part 7 - The Assassin Combo

Post by Danic » Sat Feb 10, 2018 3:57 am

Good post!

Almost always use this combo before I attack. I aim to take down sentry first, but if I can't, it's usually Code Gates, with the rare turrent or black ice.

Saves about 20 seconds, imo, which makes the difference between getting to the resources and not getting there.

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