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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:56 pm
by ShadowRz
CovertHoax wrote:
One thing I have spotted and it kind of bugs me is that when attacking and you have a node in your control and you attach a "beam cannon" to it, the cannon will attack what it wants, however some times I'm sat there wishing I could tell it to attack something different.

So here's the idea
I was wondering if it would be at all possible to select the node and then drag an attack command from one node to another to say "attack this node first"
That's the simple solution to the thing that bugs me :)

That or maybe make it so you can code your own custom malware.
- You would have a new node that you build in the base called "Malware IDE"
- When you open it you get a "Create Malware" button.
- Pressing it opens up a menu where you can choose what it does: Protects (IceWall) Attacks (Beam Cannon)
- When you choose "Attack" you chose the type of attack: Single Node, Multi Node
- After type you chose Power: Low attack - Constant beam, Medium attack - Intermittent strikes, Strong attack - Slow blast
- With Single Node attacks you can also then chose what to target first with a list of most important to least
- Then you name it and save it ready to build...

Depending on how the malware is created (Type,power etc) depends on build time and cost.
These designs can then be saved and edited in the "Malware IDE" and take time to research.
Attacking a players "Malware IDE" can end up with you gaining a malware design that they have and if you like the look of it you can research it for less time than normal, and then build it.

This adds to the fact that we are supposed to be hacking people and so it gives us more control over how we hack along with more creativeness... so rather than sitting there waiting for things to be built we can be designing malware ideas and testing them.

The same thing could be done with defensive structures.. so rather than building a standard tower, you could create a "defense program" that you build and attach to your system to help defend.

It all adds to the "hacker/programmer" like experience and also makes the game have a few more creative elements to it, meaning its more than "play for 30 minutes then wait for things to be built" kinda game.

Thats just one idea for now :)
I really like this idea.

Re: Potential Update Ideas

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:01 pm
by ShadowRz
CerberusArc wrote:
HCX - DReaD wrote:
Silken wrote:
Actually it wouldn't. All thresholds do is reduce the amount of rewards. But it would do so for everyone. The Net affect is that the average reward would fall. But you would still be attacking the same people. By that I mean - generally i attack people with 40k+ gold. If a threshold was included this average would go down, but it would go down on all bases. So I would end up attacking 30+ gold bases. Which would still be the same people.

Last night I went to bed with 400k Gold and 4k - Coin just sitting there. So rewards of 120k and 1.2 B-Coin. 7 people attacked me in 6 hours. All of them failed to take any resources. But lets look at what would happen if they were successful.

400k - 30% = 280k left - reward would be 120k
280k - 30% = 196k left - reward would be 84k
196k - 30% = 137k left - reward would be 59k
137k - 30% = 95k left - reward would be 42k
95k - 30% = 66k left - reward would be 29k
66k - 30% = 46k left - reward would be 20k
46k - 30% = 32k left reward would be 14k

It's still attractive to attack me down to the 5th or 6th attack for someone of my level. So if the attacks were successful I would have been left with 10%-15% of my resources in 6 hours.

That's really harsh. We need successful hack protection shields of about 2-3 hrs.

But the problem is with the size of the player base at the moment. If you take into account the people who stay logged on all the time, then add on protection shields, I seriously wonder who would be left to attack. Which is probably why we haven't got protection shields yet.
Oooh I think I misunderstood your post then?

I thought you meant there will be untouchable value that can never go down anymore, like;

I have $ 200k and have a safety margin of $ 50k, then the lowest amount I can have left over from being hacked again and again would be $ 50k, no matter how much people keep hacking me.

I thought that was an awesome idea since it's basically still like having a "shield", where instead of preventing people to hack, it just make them lost motivation to hack you and look for others. (although whether it would work or not now I myself not sure..)
I definitely like the idea of a safety margin or minimum bank that cannot be hacked. It should be something like 25-30 percent of your maximum bank is untouchable and would simply not show up as hackable loot. In this way you can be assured that even overnight you will not be reduced to poverty.

Some games address this problem with a resource protection structure that is built and can store an amount of untouchable resources. In this case, a node, let's call it "The Encryptor" for now, would be built on the network. Each level of this structure would increase its resource capacity and allow resources to moved into the structure where they cannot be taken during an attack. The player could upgrade the node to hold more resources.

I rather just call it "the safe" and have it as an offline storage. That way it makes sense to why it wouldn't show up during a hack. This would have to be strictly implemented if not it's just gonna have alot of players register as having no credits. Because of that I think that at no level the percentage of the maximum resources should exceed 40-50%

Re: Potential Update Ideas

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:02 pm
by ShadowRz
RedKarma wrote:If a person doesnt deploy any programs, it shouldnt count as a loss. Twice now, I'll be viewing a potential target and my internet cuts out and i sign back in to see my points are lower due to my "loss" because of the viewing time limit going to zero. Maybe instead of a loss just kick the user back to the "World" view when the timer expires if they havent deployed anything.
Perfect imo.

Re: Potential Update Ideas

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:04 pm
by ShadowRz
Hackercritic wrote:We should be allowed to save a total of at least 2 network layouts. If I want to test a new layout, I don't want to destroy my old layout yet in case I want to change back to it...
Finally, allowing us to see in our own base, aside from how many nodes a node can connect to, but also how many programs an attacker can install into a node when attacking. Let's us plan our defense better.

Agreed. Every time I make a change to my base I have to consult the wiki page.

Re: Potential Update Ideas

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:18 pm
by ShadowRz
Blitz2 wrote:Different types of antivirus,
Like one that goes straight for the source
(like the kraken)
or one that just slows down deployment, etc.
Or onethat shocks the virus.

You can only load one at a time though.

Feature 2.

Unique defenses, could be part of story mode, you would get a random one each once you hit a certain level in the game or story mode. The only way to unlock a different one is beat someone with that one to learn the code to build it

The question is how would the antivirus interact with each other? Would it override the weaker one like how it currently does? If so how does it resolve who is stronger between different types because in most cases multiple antiviruses of different types would be quite annoying although it's what we can do with current computers.

Re: Potential Update Ideas

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 8:27 pm
by ShadowRz
trixmoto wrote:I would like the ability to exchange bitcoins for dollars and vice versa, with an exchange rate so you would lose 5-10% in the exchange. This would deter players from exchanging back and forth a lot, but would mean that if you had loads of dollars and no bitcoins, you could exchange and then have some bitcoins for compiling, etc.

This could either be something available to all players, or potentially a new node type of "Exchanger"/"Converter". In this case, as you upgrade the exchange rate/fee should go down with each level. Or maybe a limit to the number that you can exchange, which increases as you level up. Something like that.
This would remove alot of the grinding hassles.

Re: Potential Update Ideas

Posted: Fri Jan 19, 2018 10:04 pm
by ShadowRz
Theredknight wrote:I was reading the app store and some of the reviews of someone who i didnt believe had very correct opinions but had a great idea. He said have the ability to ne a white hat. In hackers all players are black hat hackers which means they work for themselves. But white hat hackers work for the evolution of mankind. Lets say u had a system where your actions like donating money to charity or helping other countries vs hacking banks and stealing gov files had an impact on how you would be treated and vary differeny missions. This would be kind of a reputaion system(not the one we have already) where ypur actions would either move you to the white side or black side. Now i understand something like this is a really tall order and clans are much more needed as well as this game is made by only 3 of u guys. But its just an idea.
Randomly generated bases as missions... Or some players getting a bounty set on them when they do a lot of hacking. Would increase engagement I guess.

Re: Potential Update Ideas (New Features)

Posted: Sat Jan 20, 2018 4:11 pm
by ShadowRz
After reading through this thread just so new players won't be asking for stuff that everyone else asked for I'll just summarize.

1) A System like RAM thats replaces the program libraries
Waiting around forever isn't really fun and although we do acknowledge that it takes time to do certain things we would rather prepare for when we feel like hacking. Its just like buying groceries and putting them in the fridge for another day.
If the current program libraries were converted, I would rather have it be like [Level 15 Program Library | RAM - 90 | Disk Space - 180]. To balance it a bit I would also add a transfer time that decreases with the level after all it takes time to write files to RAM on an actual computer.

2) A Buff to Stealth
I've noticed as you level up higher, hacking in full stealth is practically impossible. Because of that it's either a full brute force or a hybrid hack. Feel free to correct me if I'm wrong.
A node called the "Encryptor" to increase the amount of time you could spend in a stealth hack (from 3600) would really make stealth more viable in higher levels.

3) Base Building and Testing
Many people have asked for a test your own base feature. This will not just improve the difficulty of bases, but allow for users to learn how the game operates and not just through the tutorial and missions. From personal experience, I normally make a base setup and then nobody hacks till I levelled up into a new rank where parts of my base isn't effective anymore. A system like this can be very game changing and should be limited to something like three tries every time you relocate more than 5 nodes which would be compared to how the base was before. This is also another excuse to ask for the ability to save base layouts.

4) Getting players to Hack Other Players
Even if you force players to hack someone if they normally don't, they would just pick the easiest base. Having other players test your base is more important than testing your own base in my opinion (even though I want to be able to test my own base). Other players sometimes find ways to get through your base that you haven't thought of yourself.
Unlike the others I'm not just going to ask for a "test my own base feature" but a bounty system. Why wouldn't a hacker with a high rep get a bounty put on his back? This way players with a high rep and no resources wouldn't just lose their rep just to get more resources especially when the targets on their map have big bounties on their backs. The bounty should also increase the more time a player wasn't hacked.

5) More Nodes
Some others have asked for another attack node that takes after the "Shuriken" program or the ability to build you're own nodes. For defense nodes I would rather have a generic node and by assigning a program to it, it would then take a bit of time to convert (depending on the level). Reserving worms for the "Sentry", the "Blaster" would make the turret into a "Black Ice". Programs that are unlocked later on in the game like the "Maniac" would be quite interesting to see how players use it considering that it's a one time use although it would be weaker than the actual program.

6) Attack Priority
CovertHoax wrote: One thing I have spotted and it kind of bugs me is that when attacking and you have a node in your control and you attach a "beam cannon" to it, the cannon will attack what it wants, however some times I'm sat there wishing I could tell it to attack something different.
Like CovertHoax's idea for "Malware IDE", telling the programs what to attack first and/or being able to switch what they attack during the fight (with the target change delay factored in). If no input towards this is given from the user, just follow the regular attack priorities.

7) Offline Base Section
This idea would follow how "Twin Ergos" mission is laid out. With an offline-core, nodes like the "Converter", "Safe" and "Scheduler" plus two slots for regular nodes may fix what many players complain about.
The "Converter" would be where players convert their Bitcoins into money with a bit of a conversion loss and waiting time.
trixmoto wrote: In this case, as you upgrade the exchange rate/fee should go down with each level. Or maybe a limit to the number that you can exchange, which increases as you level up. Something like that.
The "Safe would be "a limited storage that stores a percentage of the maximum resources" was my old idea but I've realized that treating it like a smaller "Database" would be better. Or just allow the offline-core to have "Databases" and "B-Coin Mixers" but at far lower levels.
The "Scheduler" would be in charge of controlling "Building Threads" and "Compiler" so the upgrading building can be upgraded in the least amount of time. For the building threads we should be able to disable this and for the compiler this could be built in as a cheaper speed up button using credits under "Optimize".

8) Randomly Generated Bases
These would pop up occasionally during gameplay. These could be a way for the Devs to test new features and for players to gather experience.

9) "Hackathons"
Hackathons would consist of a base that multiple people would hack in order to see who could get the most points in one try. The brackets would be decided on by level and reputation just so a new player isn't put against a seasoned veteran.

Re: Potential Update Ideas (New Features)

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 2:36 am
by DouggieD
Can there be an evolver thread like how there is a building thread? That way you could either upgrade more than one program at a time or reduce the length of time for the upgrade. Having to wait 3 days for an upgrade is really off putting.

Re: Potential Update Ideas (New Features)

Posted: Tue Jan 23, 2018 6:22 pm
by Luminaar
DouggieD wrote:Can there be an evolver thread like how there is a building thread?
Evolver threads, or the ability to use current threads for evolving programs, has been added to the suggestion list. :)