Potential Update Ideas (New Features)

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Postby 50ul50c13ty » Wed Feb 08, 2017 7:08 am

Well, IDK about you guys, but I have 2 quite useful idea. It is called 'Junction' System and 'Challenge Missions Mode' System

Sounds like it's your everyday words isn't It? Well, it's not!

What differentiate this 'Junction' System with the rest of 'Friendship Systems' is that, it has another 'Special Function' than just friendship battles and sending Programs to another player(s) when requested

I'll start off with 'Junction' System (JS) first. This 'Special Function' works like this:

When one manages to 'Make Contact' with another player, regardless of levels, one has the ability to put any player that one have made contact with according to one's choosing into a slot called 'Synchronize' under 3 conditions:

1) First, the chosen player must comply by accepting he Synchronize request made by another player. Both players WON'T Synchronize if the other 'Rejects It' or if the request is left 'Unanswered'

2) Second, a player is allowed to Synchronize with only one added friend inside friendlist

3) Third, if one sends numerous Synchronize request to numerous other players, only the first answered request will commence the Synchronize and void the other Synchronize request, thus expiring it

With Synchronize, both can make each other Nodes/Programs get stronger by accumulating 'Synchronize Points' (SP) which is shared. SP can be accumulated when both players do a 'Friendly Match' or 'Donate' Programs to each other. Synchronize Level increases when enough target SP is accumulated for that Level. (Example: Level 1 Synchronize requires 1500 SP to advance to Level 2 Synchronize, with Level 2 to Level 3 requires 2500 SP to advance, Level 3 to Level 4 requires 3500 SP to advance and the list goes on up until Level 10 at max Synchronize Level)

Each Synchronize Level will yield various/variety of effects depends/depending on what Level it is on. For example, Level 1 Synchronize will give either lesser Compilation Time, cheaper Compilation Cost, Greater Damage Output, More Firewall for all Nodes and the list goes on based on a percentage. Leve 2 Synchronize will give another advantage with Level 2 Synchronize being greater than the Level 1 Synchronize if the Level 2 Synchronize gives the same effect

Alternatively, SP can also be spend by both players although, at a limited amount per 24 or 48 or 72 hours per player without decreasing/draining accumulated SP used for the Synchronize Level (Example: Both players will earn two types of SP. One is a type of currency, and the other is for Synchronize Level indicated by two indicator bars with numerical values) to buy a special SP-Exclusive Goodies (Nodes/Programs)

Both players will still be rewarded with SP (Currency) as long as they continue to duel or support each other even when their Synchronize reach Level 10

However, there's a catch! If one attempts to break/sever Synchronize, the Synchronize Level will be reverted back to Level 1 if one attempts to Synchronize with another player

The second System is called 'Challenge Missions Mode' System

In Challenge Missions Mode, (CMM) one is given a series of hard-to-archieve/do objectives for one to accomplish. If one manages to complete those challenges, one is awarded with a various/variety of Advantages/Benefits/Bonuses. But, some objectives are chain connected, meaning that, some next objectives may have a prerequisite as of how they can be unlocked. Example: Completing Objective 01 in less than 2 minutes will give access to Objective 02 and a Permanent Reward Bonuses A.K.A PRB. (Mostly buffs such as lesser Compilation Time/Cost, more Firewall/Damage for Nodes etc etc.) Completing Objective 02 without using [Program Name Here] will give access to Objective 03 & PRB and the list goes on up until Objective 100. If Objective 04 yield the same reward (Advantages/Benefits/Bonuses) as the previous objective(s) its similar effects are stacked/multiplied

Any Advantages/Benefits/Bonuses earned in both 'Junction' System and 'Challenge Missions Mode' are stackable between each other. Meaning that, if both player manages to reach Synchronize 10 in JS and at the same time, manages to complete all 100 missions in CMM, both players will reek the Advantages/Benefits/Bonuses of both Systems. Of course, both players are not required to complete all Objectives up untill 100 for them to receive the Advantages/Benefits/Bonuses of Synchronize 10 in JS because CMM is an individual task that will also yield individual rewards being not a 'Shared System' which means that this rule did not apply for JS's Synchronize

As of CMM System however, this Advantages/Benefits/Bonuses will be rewarded individually meaning that, for example, if John manages to complete all 100 Objectives, while Jane only manages to get it up until 50 Objectives, only John will reek the benefits of having 100 Advantages/Benefits/Bonuses plus Synchronize 10 Advantages/Benefits/Bonuses while Jane will only get 50 plus Synchronize 10 Advantages/Benefits/Bonuses

The sole as of why I'm creating these two Systems is to 'Combat' the 'Reputation System' which is most people find it 'Uneasy' and did not satisfy about

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Postby EmGooser » Fri Feb 10, 2017 10:15 pm

Idea to help the issue with searching for hacking target.

What about having one (or a chance of) "fake" player in every search that is level appropriate and has a set number of resources that is level appropriate? Kind of like a normal mission but no story or anything and it would be gone with a failure like a normal hack or a new search. Maybe even build them in a way to show base building ideas for new players at low levels, like a simple choke point or showing how easy it is to break some code gate setups and so on.

This could be a fallback when there is not enough in range that would valid targets. To avoid to much extra cash introduced into the game you could also limit the number of these per hour to each player too.

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Postby Marhex » Mon Feb 13, 2017 4:03 pm

What about to add a option for the player to test and hack his own network.
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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Postby Peekaboo » Sat Mar 11, 2017 4:59 pm

It has probably been said alot but I'll say it again because i feel that's how it should be.

Level should not be a static thing, it should be a representation of your network.
By that i mean: keep the xp value that all nod and upgrades are but make it a dynamic calculation. That way if you want to redesigne your network and replaces some nods, you don't end up with an inflated level. Of course program lvl counts i it so people don't go too low.

Could have a shelving ability to "store" some nods so you can try others.

I understand some people could exploit that by removing everything to protect themself while sleeping or upgrading and such so some condition would need to be in place. Maybe a max number of shelf place?


On another one, not sure about it but I kind of feel bad for people with 3 sentry. I almost wish they would do lower damage per sentry but make them stackable. That could open up new strategy and possible designe. And give a reason to lvl them all.


And lastly there's the "watch dog" entity idea that i through in another thread that adds a heat system that lowers avsilable time you have to hack someone ghat grts havked too much. (Hest would go down on a timer of course).

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Postby Trev » Mon Mar 13, 2017 6:50 pm

I don't know if anyone has posted this before, but what i mostly want is when I'm checking out someone elses network, but i don't want to attack, it should flash of something on the last 3 seconds of the countdown. The number of times I've accidentally run out of time and wasted an attack...

Also i agree with some other people that there should be a sandbox mode where you get to attack your own network.

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Postby GamerNeo » Mon Mar 13, 2017 10:36 pm

It flashes red at 5 seconds. Just sayin

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Postby happy days » Tue Mar 21, 2017 2:09 pm

1 More nodes would be good for bigger networks
2 Much better rewards to rank up
3 Missions that challenge top players or Admin
4 A shocker node with a 3/6 sec delay if u don't take it down it shocks u
5 Downgrade space & load time for manic & maybe portal
6 Hunter missions find and attack some player
7 Much better search results not the same old ones about 50 times, ok with them popping up 20/ 30 times a week but not 10 times a day
That will do for now many more but let see if anyone in administration pays attention

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Postby Hiwaygeorge » Thu Mar 23, 2017 6:46 am

It would be great if you can reduce the install time for wraith program, my Wraith program level is 2, but upgrading does not reduce its install time.

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Wraith and Portal improvements

Postby Swoopy_1 » Thu Mar 23, 2017 9:46 am

Could we add in a way of removing the Wraith and Portal programs? If you could have a translucent hexagon appear below the regular ones with a Wraith or Portal inside it, allowing you to take it off, but not get it back into your Program Libraries, that would be a good way of going back on your Stealth attacks to prevent being detected. If you already have one program of that type, you couldn't put another one in, but you can put one of the other currently disappearing type.
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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Postby edita » Thu Mar 23, 2017 11:08 am

Maybe set our own "test system" contract, like NPCS give but we could set a possible reward. Trying a new layout can be a pain waiting for someone to attack, if my resources are too low to be enticing.


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