Potential Update Ideas (New Features)

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Post by Barons » Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:23 pm

Jaystar wrote:
M0ToR wrote:Copying here what I posted in the shorter compilation times request thread, as I think it could make the game more playable:

Instead of/in addition to shorter compilation times I'd be glad if there were a way to compile and store several batches of hacks, i.e. if databases were x3/x4 bigger at their current levels. This way you would wait longer for full compilation, but then you would have three-four shots in a row. Makes game/real-life timing more balanced.
To avoid hacking power increase by having a bigger arsenal there could still be a limit on how many programs you can take with you for a hack, e.g. RAM = 80, HDD = 320, you compile to HDD, then load a subset to RAM and go hack.
I really like this idea! It's brilliant. It's fair and it improves the gameplay without destroying the balance. So right now the library capacity is fair to tackle any network you desired in a single fight. But increasing the size of the "storage" capacity to 4 times the amount that you can compile and keep, makes the gameplay more flexible. Instead of 30 mins of waiting and play for 3, you can have 2 hours of waiting and play for 12 mins. This makes the game more enjoyable and playable.

To increase the capacity of the library, requires some other mechanics to work too. e.g. you need a staging area now to set the programs that you want to use in a single hack. Possibly have multiple hotkeys on what you want to bring without customising everysingle time.
Anything that reduces the wait time is a step in the right direction, coc recently added a feature similar to this where you can train double your troop capacity. However in my very limited experience it seems uncommon to find more than one player in a search that's worth hacking. Many times I have to search multiple times before I find someone I feel I can successfully hack that also has enough loot to be worth the wait. I try to scout and then build my programs so I can attempt harder networks.

In short just reduce the time it takes =D

I liked the idea of allowing the build threads to speed up program compilation because it gives the players flexibility and also encourages them to support the game by purchasing building threads without much new coding from a developer standpoint. It would also make a case for increasing the number of building threads players can purchase. More money for the company more hacking for the players.

I've got to go to the store and run a few errands so feel free to push this update through. A little copy and pasting a line or two here and there. I'll be back 30 min. =D

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Post by Flash » Mon Oct 17, 2016 2:42 pm

I have just one thing that would be nice to implement, maybe somebody suggested it already. Players, which are under Shield protection (9SEC External protection service) should not appear as potential targets on world map. It's annoying, when you receive 5 new targets and 3 of them are under shield and the other two are active, so you have no one to attack from this pool.

Thanks :)

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Post by Trickster » Mon Oct 17, 2016 3:44 pm

Flash wrote:Players, which are under Shield protection (9SEC External protection service) should not appear as potential targets on world map.
Done with today's server update.

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Post by Luminaar » Mon Oct 17, 2016 4:01 pm

Trickster wrote:Done with today's server update.
Thank you!! *Does the Happy Dance*
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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Post by 90skushkid » Mon Oct 17, 2016 6:29 pm

sounds dopeee :P :P
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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Post by xiya » Mon Oct 17, 2016 9:35 pm

Different hack success criteria when doing a pure stealth hack. Usually there isn't time to go after the core and the resources you want if you're doing a quick stealth hack run - you just grab some resources and go, taking the loss. But generally both you and your victim know who really won. So maybe there could be different success criteria for when only stealth programs are used, like resource percentages taken. To counteract the speed that a pure stealth hack takes place at, the rating gain could be, say 0 for 1 goal achieved, 25% of normal for two, and 50% of normal for three.

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Post by Secof » Tue Oct 18, 2016 9:15 am

I see soo many people looking for a Guild/Clan system, I disagree COMPLETELY. There are soooo many of those games out there and the gameplay just ends up being the same. This game is completely unique at the moment and it is why I am loving it. Having some collaboration with one or two people would be nice however but not in a guild/clan system. Global chats always ends up with three people talking a whole bunch of crap to whoever goes in there and is also used for posturing. The way the game is set up that you are on your own with your own network to evolve is awesome and the game missions give you more than enough rss in order to progress and grow. I cannot see the need for "gifting" any sort of virus to lower level players.

A couple of ideas that I have for the game would be to implement an actual IP to each person and a way to search for specific systems for a different kind of mission. For example, a mission could state that you need to download 3 files from 3 different Cores (Whole files can be found)/Program libraries (Percentage of files can be found) from random real people and to send these files, maybe via an email system, back in order to complete the mission. Finding these files could be done collaboratively with a friend that works independently. Or alternatively, you could have a "Global Mission Server" where people can post up missions so others can find the files for you in exchange for Cash/Bitcoins. In order to avoid people accepting missions and not completing them or that is not suited to their level of competence it could be filtered according to Core level and have like a 15min time limit in order to complete. In order to provide a difficulty setting the files could be different "sizes" which would affect download times etc. Some missions could, as per some missions that you currently have, ask for the files to be downloaded in stealthmode only.

Secondly, the first 10 levels was quite challenging to complete hacks and steal resources, however now that I have a second program library and with an upgraded beam canon (only to level 3) most networks can be hacked with a couple of Rams, around 9 Ice walls and 30 odd Beams. It has brought the difficulty down quite a bit, I believe and would suggest and extra couple of extra slots for the Core for security from Core level 4. I am looking forward to the bigger level networks and hoping that it brings back the challenge that I experienced in the beginning.

Which brings me to another idea I wish to share here. The amount of Nodes that you are allowed to install could possibly divided up. For example, At core level 4 you could have 5 Slots for resources (Production and storage), 12 slots for Security and 4 for Hacking. At Core level 5, Resources could go up 1, Security 5 and Hacking 0.

Lastly, once the upgrades takes a long time in order to complete I have found myself not wanting to play as I would only fill up my stores for other people to come and take. This might just be because I am selfish and don't want to share haha. Not sure what can be done in order for this gap to be filled as I have missions that I am able to complete but do not wish to for fear of losing the vast amount of resources that is going to be required for upgrades. I am not in the position to spend money on credits in order to complete the builds faster if this would be a suggestion from anyone :).

Awesome game tho! Am looking forward to seeing how it is going to evolve!

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Post by shadowed » Tue Oct 18, 2016 1:33 pm

If team systems are ultimately built into the game, there will also need to be changes made in favor of single players to keep it balanced. A player in a clan (including those just seeking a free ride) should not have an advantage over a single player going it alone. Especially in a game that was originally single player.

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Post by KingHazSkills » Thu Oct 20, 2016 12:37 pm

Ujnex wrote:Builder mode to be more nimble at making networks with what you got instead of having to jump nodes from spot to other spot
A builder is already in the game. Just click build on the lower right corner and there will be a red ReBuild on the top left. If you mean something else then please explain it.

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Re: Potential Update Ideas

Post by TheIconianCat » Fri Oct 21, 2016 1:10 am

One thing that will help the game out is communities within the game like guilds or add a clan system for players to connect. And then let the groups build guild networks that are connected resources and such so guilds can hack each other.
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