Any tips for new players?

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Re: Any tips for new players?

Post by Quantum_Ghost » Tue Apr 18, 2017 7:31 pm

It can help you :
Use missions as source of Money and/or B-Coins.
Don't collect too many resources at the same time - If someone hacks you, you will lose some of them.
Don't upgrade too many nodes at the same time - If you upgrade too many defensive nodes you will be an easy target.

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Re: Any tips for new players?

Post by Darkness » Fri May 19, 2017 3:07 am

[RECAP] wrote:So last night before i went to sleep i done a search... I found some was having 200k i though it's not bad at all for me...i qued the programs and went to sleep so i will attack at the morning)(needed 1H to compile)

At the morning when i wake up and i wanted to attack i was like....WHOA!

I aas sure it was 200K money last night with 3K b coin but now it is...

500K money and 6K bcoin!!!!

And i attacked him/her immediately!!!
(see yoon)

I got a lot of resources with only one attack...well i know it's very little for some guys but for me it's huge!!

So i learnt something from this...

From night till morning, many thing it's sometimes good to have patience! It may double the reward!

Currently finding a way to defend / ko a guy with very high lv beam but very low lv wall and I met the same situation with you LOL...

He keeps attack me with failure and I keep revenge him loooool!!! I gonna try 4th time revenge, Good luck me. Stealth Hacks FTW lool.


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Re: Any tips for new players?

Post by Anan » Sat May 27, 2017 5:38 am

fozza wrote:I thought there should be the obligatory tips and tricks thread for newcomers to Hackers.

If anybody has some tips please post them here, thank you :D

You should take your times with beam cannons.. they're valueable thing.. Upgrade them as high as possible.. You'll find out how great it is.. of course this is depend on how you're playing the game.. If you're like to do attacking more than deffense.. you could just investing all of your thing on upgrading programs.. make it more stronger then you could just wreck core above you? I'm personally think that attacking is more fun than deffending.. So I've been doing this att beam cannons upgrade.. It is so much fun :D

I'm finding out there're some pros and con about types of deffense.. Maelstrom.. nice for handling people with low level ice wall or protector.. but it can be wreck easily with some decent ice wall or protector with blaster.. Mr. Sentry.. that type of base is kinda tricky.. You just keep upgrading 1 sentry more than another.. leaving your entire base weak.. but it connected almost all of your nodes.. So the antivirus spread all over your base.. That antivirus is strong.. real strong.. but if someone just come with a bunch of icewall or shocker.. that could be just RIP of your resources.. This sentry strategies is giving you a painful replay too..

Well.. It's up to you in the end.. Hope my words can help you a little bit :D

*sorry for my bad english
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Re: Any tips for new players?

Post by Blacklung » Sun Jul 23, 2017 10:04 am

At this point I would suggest a few things to the new.
A) upgrade 1 sentry. Make that your top priority.
B) take your time upgrading other security nodes. After sentry I suggest upgrading gates.
C) Shuriken is superior to beam.

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Re: Any tips for new players?

Post by TheNebulator » Thu Jul 27, 2017 1:13 am

I couldn't agree more with what blacklung said sentry and security defense like code gates are a must

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Re: Any tips for new players?

Post by edita » Thu Oct 12, 2017 8:54 pm

Play smart, not hard. :D

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Re: Any tips for new players?

Post by crack » Sun Oct 22, 2017 11:31 am

I use beams and I'm doing well, all depends on your play style and what other programs u use, it's all relative none r supreme.
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Re: Any tips for new players?

Post by AltairsHelp » Sat Sep 14, 2019 5:06 pm

Hey guys so please check out my network and suggest tips??

Changed the base after getting guardians and ai nodes and stopped 7 attacks
Couldn't get past the 1 side gate (3hackers) but others nearly progressed on my core
I decided to upgrade the code gates for one thing
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Re: Any tips for new players?

Post by lolpoopyhead » Sat Oct 10, 2020 6:16 am

Sentry to lvl 21
And scanner to lvl 21
Your rep doesn't matter
And make sure to upgrade programs

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Re: Any tips for new players?

Post by Matthew80225 » Sun Oct 11, 2020 3:37 pm

Rush scanner,sentry
Then code gate(focus on one code gate if you have two,two if you have three)
Last core,other defense nodes(if needed)

Try to get all building threads as fast as possible.

Chokepoint:scanner(lv 1),evolver(low level),farms(lv 1),guardian(at the level that can be taken back easily)

Brute attack:beam/shuriken,protector,shocker,battering ram/blaster.

only two sentries(one for rushing to lv 21 and one for backup if the main one is upgrading)
or three sentries(the extra one is for helping av spread/chokepoint)

Lastly but not the most important,watch youtubers that does hackers join the cyberwar content,it helps)

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