Core Node Mechanics

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Core Node Mechanics

Postby Ranakastrasz » Wed Dec 28, 2016 2:56 pm

Currently, losing the core is almost meaningless.

When it is captured, you lose the resources it has stored. That is barely anything since the storage does not scale with core level.
When the database is downloaded, you can have your readme edited, and it those two things give credit to the attacker's quests. None of which really effects you.
Lastly, they steal some of your reputation, which, I don't think effects the game aside from possibly making your randomized search find stronger players (counterproductive since it makes things harder, and makes stronger people find you)

I might be wrong about some or all of this, but this is what I see.

What I want is to make it actually the most important node to defend in some way. Its your CORE. That kinda implies it is of critical importance, and the loss of it might be a bit more important than is currently simulated.

Some quick thoughts.
Once the Core DB is downloaded, the selected of these things happen (Not randomized, all chosen are implemented always)

All defensive nodes deal less damage. (10%, or 2 + 0.5x Core Level)
All Attacking Programs deal more damage. (Or defending nodes take more damage, same difference) (Same)
All defending programs take an extra x seconds to register a target, delaying when they start attacking. (3 seconds?)
Apply a x Second stun to all defending nodes (10 second?)
All Code gates lose their filter.

Pretty much, any kind of effect that makes the rest of the hack easier. Either persistant or a sudden temperary change, either way crippling the defences, or at least softening them up. When the core is taken, it should be considered akin to your security codes being taken, and it being easier to spoof whatever defences remain. Defend your core.

In addition, make the core's Storage capacity increase as you level it up. Losing the core means losing a non-trivial amount of cash.

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Re: Core Node Mechanics

Postby 1337 » Wed Dec 28, 2016 3:17 pm

Nice idea, support,
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Re: Core Node Mechanics

Postby Mchief » Wed Dec 28, 2016 8:29 pm

I had a similar post a while back to pretty much the same effect , my ideas where to either create a core only program that attacks all nodes at the same time or half the defence value for all hostile node once the core is captured.

As an additional thought you could have it so resources bleed out through the core from the other resource nodes so capturing it early could give you the resources that you might not otherwise reach.

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Re: Core Node Mechanics

Postby Ranakastrasz » Wed Dec 28, 2016 10:49 pm

Yea, saw that post. Apperently from two days I looked, but didn't see it before, so I don't know what happened.

If a moderator could merge these two that would be great.

Shutting down Antivirus, Code Gates, and Protectors might be interesting. Simulated disrupted network cohesion or something.

Code gate on its own just says that you got the password, so can almost open code gates legitimately, although the network is still fighting you. (Hacking a code gate just says you brute forcing the password, and once you have it its as easy as any other node to retake)

Disabling Antivirus and Protectors, or just antivirus, could be interesting. Antivirus are surprisingly powerful, and probably give off at least a third of the total firepower. Protectors seem like they might fit into whatever explaination that disabled antiviruses.

Draining other nodes through the core. Once you download the core, treat all nodes as having a 5% leech-speed effect on them. Make it slow but effective. So once the core is taken, all resource nodes start getting slowly drained (very slowly, such that you would still be way better off taking them if you can)

In stealth mode, if you download the core, you get access to all nodes (as an access program), or else just the ability to place leeches on any node (allowing you to download resources)

I just realized. The core's storage is probably just a representation of global, non-node storage, like the global detection of 20/second. Still confusing, but makes sense.
As an idea, make it so that when you take the core, it places worm/Access hybrids on any node adjacent to one you own, with a 10 second cycle delay. Treat it as an access for letting you place down leeches, which, if placed on an accessed node via this method, cannot be retaken as normal.... Or, maybe it can....

Partial stealth and Brute force hybrid mode..... That probably needs an entire extra thread to discuss such an idea... Don't discuss that here.

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Re: Core Node Mechanics

Postby Ranakastrasz » Thu Dec 29, 2016 12:24 am

Honestly, the easiest way to make it important, is just to make it store money.
When I started the game, I defended it for two reasons.
A, the Tutorial said so. Claimed it was important to protect.
B, It stored half my money. If it was taken, I would lose half of my money. Well, 1/6th of it, but I didn't know the 1/3rd loot ratio thinggy at the time.

The obvious solution is to make each level of core store twice as much bitcoins and Dollars, or something similar.

A Max level 21 Database stores 8 Milllion Space-bucks
A Max Level 21 Bitcoin Mixer stores 180k Bitcoins.

The Core has 12 levels. It always stores 2k space-bucks and 64 Bitcoins.
Doubling storage per upgrade, multiply base value by 2^11, or 2048.

At level 12, that would bring it up to 4096K, or about 4 million. Around half that of a single maxed database. Given that you might well end up with 4 databases by then, that would only be 1/8th of your capacity, but that is still not something you want to let get hacked.
also, 131072 Bitcoins, or 131k, which is decidedly more than half. More than 3/4ths. around 6th of your capacity as an estimation.

Sure, it isn't a massive amount, but if you don't protect your core, people can do a trivial stealth hack and just steal a bunch of your resources.


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