Bug - defence of a weak node

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Bug - defence of a weak node

Post by Flash » Thu Dec 08, 2016 8:25 am

there is a bug in a way how the system of protecting a node works.

If you put more than one IceWall or Protector in your node and AntiVirus from Sentry is attacking it (taking it back), once the first IceWall/Protector is depleted, the "overlapped" damage from the last AntiVirus shot is going to the node HP not the second IceWall/Protector. The next shots are again correctly depleting the next IceWall/Protector. Maybe the problem is not the overlapping dmg, but because usually 2 or 3 neighbour nodes are attacking it simultaneously with AntiVirus and the shots are hitting it at the nearly same time, it could be that the first shot destroys the protecting unit and the other is going to the node. I can't tell from player perspective. But in extreme conditions, it can cause this example:

You have a maxed out Sentry node, which spreads anti-virus into other nodes and you have Scanner level one, which is connected to 4 neighbour nodes, so that during attack 3 of them are shooting at it with AntiVirus (the shots are hitting at the same moment, so the problem is probably for all 3 of them). Attacker puts two IceWalls and some dmg unit into scanner with intention to put new and new iceWalls once the first one is destroyed and keep control over the node. But the overlapping dmg from 3 simultaneous shots from AntiVirus is so big, that once it destroys the first IceWall it also destroys the whole node immediately. Doesn't matter that you have active protector, another IceWall or whatever in the node.

I've seen this bug quite a few times on my base watching replays of someone attacking me. It also happens to me once or twice, when I was attacking. I have seen one guy so frustrated, that he put 3 ice walls and protector into my level 1 Guardian and lost it all, once the first IceWall was depleted and destroyed.
I think we will see this more and more often once players will implement the "weak and strong nodes" strategy.

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Re: Bug - defence of a weak node

Post by Trickster » Thu Dec 08, 2016 9:16 am

Hi, this is a known issue, will be resolved soon.

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