Newbie guide to the NATURE OF HACKERS

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Newbie guide to the NATURE OF HACKERS

Post by goodking » Tue Dec 06, 2016 12:04 pm

first off,welcome to hackers

In this guide i will tell u about the nature of this game,it is quite special but .....HORRIBLE

FRIST,the tower of hackers

GOD(the developers)
KINGS(beta players lv 45-?)
Fat fish(30-44level)
Average fish (20 -29 level)
New fish (below level 20)

This tells u how the tower of society is,the higher it is,the stronger u are.
Now,the Fat Fish always farm at new fish,they can drain u up easily. As a small fish u cannot do anything but LET YOU R RESOUCRES GO.
So u can see players with godlike programs raid u. In the forums, i can see:

I drop my rep to 100 and got millons each day.

This is very common and the gods do not care this yet. Droping rep can reach the new fish zone,and destroy all def easily. Which is slowly becoming an urgent bad NATURE. This has influenced all' floors of the tower'.

Hope u all dun do this to others when u grown into a stronger fish. Do not do this just to teach them u are just killing GODS indirectly. (I know u all will never change,you just want all the resources....)

PS,why do u all wanted more languages instead of this problem............ This is one of the reason that newbies rage and quit this game.

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Re: Newbie guide to the NATURE OF HACKERS

Post by SniperK » Tue Dec 06, 2016 1:32 pm

A. Not all fat fish farm on noobs. You said "always" thats not true. Im a fat fish and I dont. Im on level 33 and my hunting range is between 29-35.

B. I really dont understand whiner players who complain about resources being stolen all the time. This game starts off FAIR for everyone. Weve all been through the process and we all know how it feels to compete against strongs and weaks. Do you not think that we all went through that? We didnt begin with a level 20 beam cannon you know. If we can struggle and develop through adversities, why cant you?

C. Fixing the game balance has nothing to do with players wanting more languages. We want more languages simply because its more convenient and there are other people who cannot speak English but still wanna play this game. This is irrelevant to fixing game balance.
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Re: Newbie guide to the NATURE OF HACKERS

Post by 3ly » Fri Dec 09, 2016 7:42 am

This is the world. Deal with it.
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Re: Newbie guide to the NATURE OF HACKERS

Post by e1a00000 » Fri Dec 09, 2016 8:10 am

Not all old fishes are equal. You may play on the early stage with not so much people on top of you, or came in a boom that allows you to slide off more easily as there are more targets to older fish.
Regardless, the system is broken. I'm 14, but my targets from search are all 18-21, and that is with me constantly trying to drop my rep.
Thing is, when I crack their base in the process (and looting some good stuff out of it, due to relativity), its getting annoying. While it is not hard to kill them, finishing in time is an issue, and if you do kick their asses, it's a huge rep gain. Losing by timeout to drop rep is also risky as it give them traceback, and not very effective since it's a 5ish reduction.

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Re: Newbie guide to the NATURE OF HACKERS

Post by Zerthimon » Fri Dec 09, 2016 10:46 am

Hmm.. maybe algorithm should be: first search -5 to +5 levels (high number of targets), then lower number of potential targets by similar reputation to get 3-7 targets.

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Re: Newbie guide to the NATURE OF HACKERS

Post by GamerDr » Mon Dec 12, 2016 7:19 pm

the algorithm by devs (gods) already have been tweaked, I am a fat fish lvl 41, but I don't see people below 33, and as you get fatter as a fish, the refresh gets more expensive, it got something like 4k around lvl 24, I said "ok", 8k around 28 "okk (cold sweats), 12k around 32 "this getting a bit stressing, 16k around lvl 36 "ok, fck this shit lets increase minimum hacking criteria" no hacking below 5k+ bitcoin and 180-200k+ money;
SO WHERE ARE THE FISHES IN THIS CRITERIA, no average fishes, no new fishes, hunted by king fishes, only target is fat fishes, so your whining is irrelevant to whats happening
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