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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Posted: Sun Oct 02, 2016 11:52 pm
by iSpy
First of all loving the game, having not played a strategically game like it since Clash of clans, it's great having a new game to delve into, however there's much room for improvement and balancing. Having played the game now for around a week, I'm lv 16 and on the top 15 world leaderboard, however I've been considering dropping that position to test the searching algorithm as i believe it to be flawed.

I'll explain. There's 2 main reasons behind this, firstly as a lvl 16 when searching I'm being matched with player lvls ranging from 10 to 29, the sweet spot for me is normally targets ranging 13-18 as they provide decent resources, however even at lvl 18 it can be difficult facing targets with a guardian + additional ice, thankfully guardian isn't op and i can make quick work of their bases. Anything beyond 20 is almost impossible for me currently, despite having lv 6 beam cannons and lv 3 shields, still doesn't quite cut it. Now the problem with this level differential is that sometimes as much as 4/5 targets are above lvl 20, this means to find a viable target that contains decent resources at a possible lvl is extremely annoying made worse by the lack of a system in place to prevent the same targets appearing. In 5 searches I noticed the same name occur 3 times, this could be happening much more frequently without my knowledge, sometimes i recognise a name, but it just so happens I payed attention to a name that stood out when I quickly realised it kept appearing time and time again. A solution to this could be prioritising core level in searches, the downside to this however would be that i wont get to attack core lv6's which I currently have no option other than to attack, I would hope if the search was based on core levels i would see more viable options however, couldn't say for sure without tests.

This is made worse by the fact at lv 15 it costs $400 per search, at lv 16 $800, making it extremely difficult to find targets as before i know it I've spent 10k and the best targets i've found that are below lv 20 contain a measly $16k and 210B, each attack costs 300-400B considering 1 beam cannon is 10B x 20-35 depending on the target, that alone is rather pricey. However, I can see it balancing out as time progresses and there's more B coins in the system.

The game is still rather new and so there's some balancing to be expected I thought the reason for my lack of targets was that the search takes my reputation into consideration and is trying to match me with someone with a higher rep, when in reality i'd much rather being matched according to my lvl above any other.

Just to add to this, after checking the leaderboard I recognise several names between players positioned on the leaderboard from 10 to 30, beyond that I see so many new players i haven't faced that are in my lvl range, the algorithm being used currently is definitely taking rep into far too much consideration. Thus making improving rank counter productive as it only servers as a gimmick to show off. To make it worth it there should be some form of prize/reward system based on position in leaderboards however, thinking about it in the long term it's highly likely the rewards will end up just going towards the paying customers/longest playing customers so there would it would be hard to create a fair system.

Side note: I hate the way players who have been playing too long for one session are treated, while i was raiding someone and it was a clear win with high reward, i'm kicked from the servers and unable to rejoin, when i get back on I find out it counts towards a loss as the raid instantly came to an end with my forced disconnect. What should happen is a 5 minute warning given to the player, during which time raiding is no longer possible until the player has served his X minutes break. Since this incident I've just avoided playing too long to prevent a recurrence.

Also a minor issue that's been bugging me is that I can view other players Win/Loss but I am unable to view my own, would be nice to see a profile interface added to the player name on the base screen. In which you could include win/loss, resources of type looted, could even go as far as adding some achievements for people to reach, missions completed, resources and such. Afterwards you could implement a way for players to view the base designs of people they find on leaderboards by clicking their names.

Another suggestion would be to look into buffing the protector program. So far there hasn't been a single situation in which i would have preferred to have the protector over an ice shield.
lv 2 Ice Wall - Buffer 495 - Install 0.5s - Disk 2 - Time 2m - Price 15
lv 1 protector - Buffer 650 - Install 4s - Disk 4 - Time 5m - Price 30
Using the lv 1 protector as it is easier to compare, the protector is essentially 2 ice walls in price and space, costs more in time, takes much longer to install which alone limits its uses. Yes i chose to ignore the regeneration stat here, mainly because i feel it accomplishes very little, especially in comparison to what the ice wall offers.

Thanks for taking time to read, sorry if it was poorly structured, didn't proof read and kept inserting new points randomly.

Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 8:41 am
by Trickster
Thanks for your extensive post iSpy!

Search - We are balancing the search since Alpha stage. There is quite a lot of variables, layers and point of views how we can approach the search. Portions of players on various levels are changing constantly including active/inactive ratio. It is a very complex system difficult to balance, I just wanted to say here, that we hear what you are saying.

Being disconnected after playing too long - It is high on our priority list, we would like to change it in a way that you are not disconnected if you are hacking someone.

Win/Loss ratio - What you see there (for example +10/-5) is not win/loss ratio. It is how much Reputation you will get if you win or lose if you fail. (Game statistics of your performance might be added in future, we are already tracking wins and losses for each player).

Protector - The regeneration is stronger than you might think, can be very usefull on higher levels.

Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 3:24 pm
by iSpy
Thanks for the response.
We are balancing the search since Alpha stage. There is quite a lot of variables, layers and point of views how we can approach the search.
Since last night I decided to drop in rep since I realised it would take many iterations before an ideal system is found. Had to drop some 200 rep before I was met once more with suitable targets, after doing some more research I noticed that during my hours of raiding last night I had attacked the same player 3 times each time stealing all their resources. If the roles were reversed I would be very annoyed that the same player had managed to effectively steal 60% of my resources since i went offline, since i believe per attack 25% of the resources is offered to the attacker. This and the repeat searching of the same players after being turned down with each consecutive search requires a quick fix imo, however and this may just be my limited coding knowledge, I dont see it being an easy fix.

Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 3:47 pm
by Trickster
iSpy wrote:This and the repeat searching of the same players after being turned down with each consecutive search requires a quick fix imo
Yes, we are already working on it (just right now).

Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 5:15 pm
by iSpy
Great to see you guys acting so quickly on these issues. Hate to keep nagging on but i just encountered a bug unrelated to the above issues while raiding. I installed 2 Ice Walls into a structure fighting off 2 turrets and 1 ICE, as the first wall went down and the 2nd one came online the black ICE managed to do damage to the structure. Both walls were installed as the at the same time, therefore negating the 0.5s install time on the second wall being a possibility.

I also noticed a similar anomaly yesterday with the Blaster program being used against a Gate that was being shielded by the Guardian. As the blaster attack landed on the structure the wall was burst and the gate seemed to take twice as much damage as previous attacks, haven't been able to do further testing yet to find out if it's a repeatable bug.

Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Posted: Mon Oct 03, 2016 11:51 pm
by Golden
Hi new to the game so yeah don't exactly know what needs fixed and stuff but i'll try.

-Like how the defense and attack work.
-Easy to get resources.
-Credits are somewhat easy to get via world map and missions.

-Being attacked multiple times without a protection period between each successful hacker.
-Chance to be attacked multiple times by same hacker.
-Shuriken's damage is slightly too low, slight buff?
-Ice Wall slightly too strong early on, 400 health can tank turrets and Antivirus easily, lower the health?
-Feels like you need too many netConnections early on.
-More story missions or add a Single player/Story mode? Come on i don't want to attack other people all the time.
-Clans/Guilds? Would be good to have a Base where everyone sets up parts of the defense and other Clans/Guilds attack it.

Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 6:00 am
by samgyeop
I feel like as if the b-coin needs to be balanced out. For example, in my current situation I'm Core Level "6" and when I choose to attack someone, I have to bring many ICE-WALLS. The current meta that I see when hacking other fellow 25-40 players is that people connect all there local defense onto one single detector or the ice guardian. This allows there def to force the attacking player to drop a lot of ICE-WALLS in order to secure a wide rage of nodes around it. Currently level 5 ICE-WALL costs 90 b-coins. I usually carry an average of 10 walls = 900 cost. If I bring in additional 2 kraken and rest beams, my total cost is around over 1300 for a single attack. Another issue is that because players are able to attack you over and over if searching the same player, then how are we suppose to save enough b-coins. Often times I do the same and search for players and reattack the same player around 3-4 times within an hour if they have enough b-coins.

1)I feel as if the b-coin production should be buffed so that it balances with players that get attacked multiple times in a row. If not then there should be a shield, but if there is a shield I feel this game wouldnt benefit from that sort of thing because as of right now the playerbase isnt that high amongst high levels. I definitely do not want to be searching for hours for someone to pop up that has no shield in the higher levels.

2) Or lower the cost to make viruses and lower the cost for buildings that require b-coins. I tried to save 16k b-coins but then within 2 hours of not playing someone decides to hack me 3-4itmes in a row and I lost nearly 7k b-coins.

Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:29 am
by Tester
I like the idea of the game, but what is missing me is have access to the training missions. I did the mission once, but i like do it more times, training. Can you make somehow access to every training mission where we can test the compiled programs and watch what is realy happening, trying other way how to hack (maybe faster) . I will be happy for that. Becouse now i do that on too strong networks where i am losing my points.


Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 9:40 am
by Jaystar
I also agree with the issues of B-coins. I think they are too rare, most of the people I see on my list have less than 500 B-coins to steal. I'm currently lvl 5 core, so my virus cost is still slightly manageable... It costs me 340B to get my full library built. But sometimes it's not even worth attacking others to gather B-coins.

If this carries on, there is almost no incentive to upgrade my lower level programs because they are too expensive to use. The extra power you get from upgrading doesn't really reflect from the doubling of costs to produce them... It doesn't make sense! It almost as feels, the game punishes you for upgrading your program. This is not right in the design sense.

B-coins requires for programs, upgrading programs and buildings. Gold is only required for buildings and searches. The early game feels just right! Good job Trickster but the middle and end game doesn't encourage additional gameplay. B-coin is a more precious resource but with the current costs of programs, I feel they are not given out enough.
Either 1) Reduce the cost of programs at higher level, e.g. Cannon Beam requires +1 per level, Icewall requires +5 per level...etc.
Or 2) Increase the spawn rate of B-coin.
I think a mixture of 2 is the best result because right now the higher end game is getting tedious. The higher I get in level, the more time I wait, the longer I have to wait between plays and it just feels the game doesn't want me to play anymore...

This brings me to another issue: The game takes too long to play. Recently I just upgraded my compiler from 1 to 2, it was extremely difficult to get 8k B-coin and it was only possible to reach there was to finish the story missions. The way I feel about the game is that, you can only get a large amount of B-coin around story missions, if you did all of them too early, you will lose your chance to gain enough B-coins and to upgrade those core buildings. At level 1 compiler, it would take me 45 mins to build all my programs. Lvl 2 somehow gets it below 25 mins. Do you want players to wait 45 mins between plays? What if you failed and you just required 1k B-coin, you have to wait another 45 mins to attack. Maybe you are lucky and someone won't attack you, but if they did you would have lost all your hard work. I think the level 2 compiler barrier is too high, you need to give enough player progression not massive walls for them to climb over.
So 1) Reduce the build time per level of upgrade, maybe by 1s for beams and 2s for Ice walls
2) Make compiler lvl 2 to only need 4k bitcoins.

Additionally, in my opinion, story missions shouldn't be compulsory to complete to achieve core upgrades. I shouldn't NEED to complete story missions to get enough B-coins. Anyway enough ranting, back to work.

Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Posted: Tue Oct 04, 2016 10:42 am
by iSpy
I agree theres needs to be a revision of program prices, i myself use:

30 beams - 300B
10 Walls - 300B
3 blaster - 150B

In total 750B for a lv 16, on average i use 70% of that which is 525B per attack. Finding anything over 600B is rare enough to make farming annoying.

I feel that any revisions made to b coins should be limited to program costs its not extremely difficult to farm 8k b coin but you need to be prepared to farm a few hours and maybe get extremely lucky and find a 2-3k jackpot twice your lvl which i must admit i prefer. If i wasnt good at attacking however and i was consistently failing attacks spending 500+ per attack it wouldn't take long before i'd stop playing entirely.

As for production times, they should be left alone, with 2 compilers you can create time effecient attacks in 10-20 mins