What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Post by idanmo » Tue Jan 24, 2017 2:37 pm

As Sibernetika said, something needs to be done with reputation system.
When I search for players I face (a lot of times) 10+ levels higher than me and as well 7 levels below me.
There should be threshold for the level you can face ties to your level and regardless your reputation.

Yeah, it will be a bit though to everybody but it will be much more excited and encourage players to invest in server farms (as a lot of them just don't use it).

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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Post by Lewfran » Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:08 pm

Nickname : GuessWho¿
Ip addres : Indonesia - Ada yg kurang dengan game ini..kekurangan nya ada lah tidak ada tempat chatt di dalam game Hackers saya seperti merasa bermain game Offline,,dan itu sedikit membosankan karena saya hanya meng upgrade dan menyerang,,tidak ada komunikasi antar pemain dan itu sedikit membosankan,,kalau bisa tambahkan kolom chatt di dalam game agar bisa terhubung dengan hacker yg lain nya

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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Post by pop » Wed Jan 25, 2017 5:13 pm

I don't even know why I bother to check back in from time to time with this game. Here is the most glaring issue (AGAIN). PvP Matching. It looks like ALL your formula considers is reputation which is just a bad idea. It does not allow users to grow in the way they want. Unless I closely match those of similar level in both program research and defense setup I am screwed. For instance, I started and figured I wanted to focus HEAVILY on defending myself right so maybe I could eventually hold on to res and grow over time. Well now that I am level 36 even though I have not neglected weapons research at all I can only get returns of those maybe up to 6 levels below me, BUT those listed as level 30 or 31 only have a pittance of res period end of story always. Now you could say oh well then shed reputation and then try again. Ok, so you want me to setup my network badly for days on end OR you want me to spend copious amounts of bitcoin which is super hard to get in the first place as I only lose a couple rep points no matter who I lose to (be it a level 30 or 46 I only lose about 3 points no matter what I try. Ok, so since my reputation is around 800 that means I have to fight near say 300 rounds as a rough round number worth of hacks (AND LOSE THEM so no res for me). This all seems extremely convoluted. I would say the easiest way to maintain the same look and feel is to on the back end have the game derive separate reputation for your combined program level and what not and another for your networks def. Then you could have a combo of the 2 give the user their reputation on screen right. Then you could ask the system to compare users programs to others' defense and it would give you to separate values to tweak (can tweak how much each program influences the overall program rep and then can tweak the match of X program rep to Y net defense and again net defense rep can be broken down so that a combo of your spy and brute equipment gives that score and then again you can go give each of the node type different weight or what have you. SO, that in the end when people go spending oh what was my worst run 2 mil and still could not find any target that was worth taking a real shot at. It would be different and you would not get soo many complaints if you didn't limit the PvP list as much as you do AND THEN charge such a high amount of res (the amount charged would be fine if your matching system was more smooth and did not do things like have searches that return nothing at times, and then other times where you can search for hours and not find a good target. I mean come on either open up PvP or remove the $12G fee to run it. You want to limit the computation on the server? then return flat lists to users for now until you can fix up the screwed matching system.

The second item today is no big deal, but I have now noticed that Black Ice nodes have all of a sudden become juggernaut way beyond what they were to play against several months ago (and as you can tell by now I pay CLOSE attention so counter argue me all you want, but this is coming from a user who is well versed in tech, gaming, and the like and is willing to take his time out to write such a long detailed post). So bear in mind even if you feel I am wrong I am telling you from a user perspective playing the game these need to get fixed.

Nice to see you boosted the guardian nodes a little. For the money spent imho they should be a little more tough, but at least it isn't a total money pit to use them now.

I liked the tutorial in the very begining, but it feels as I have played that there is a very structured plan of program/node research that when strayed from even a little causes HUGE headaches. Youy should try to address this by trying different strategies and playing through without any developer "benefits" to see how it actually feels to play that way. I for one feel utterly trapped at my current level and to try to address that is going to take me hours doing stupid things in game no player should be trying to do (like shed massive amounts of rep if this is considered "normal" then to me it feels as though the rep system is messed up and needs to be addressed). I mean is the point not to get more rep and continue on? You can get sneaky at times and shed some to move around and hide yourself or adjust some targetting, but to have to shed massive amounts seems to negate the very purpose of the reputation system. Oh, and skins should not be the only unlock for putting in the great amount of work required to gain the rep in the first place.

Oh well hopefully that helps though seeing the lack of change in months I doubt anyone will truly pay any heed to what we keep asking for here which is FIX THE PvP and MATCHING before anything else.

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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Post by GamerNeo » Wed Jan 25, 2017 11:37 pm

Like: Most all of it, from the strategy to the design. I have been playing everyday for about 2 months and still can't get enough.
Dislike: The Rep system. Specifically how much people complain about how I abuse it lol. Also the wait times are getting to be a bit much, waiting a few days before I can play again? Sucks more than a little.

Would be cool if there were some minimum requirements on nodes and programs so that there wouldn't be such large disparities between players utilizing different strategies though. But everything else makes sense to me and feels quite balanced and very well designed. Thanks!

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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Post by usmanilyas786 » Thu Jan 26, 2017 6:37 pm

love it but updates take too much time as compare to any other game please reduce that time otherwise (as i predict) people wil leave the game soon. to make the game a bit lengthy you can make the resources more pricious but time limit is something that is much disturbing and great players can even feel helpless in this regard. learn some lesson from 8 ball pool. i request all other members to put some light on that issue.

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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Post by leetnoob » Sun Jan 29, 2017 8:25 am

Everything except the following...

The reputation system. Being farmed by some guy 7 levels higher than me with level 17 beams, and NO WAY to get revenge. Makes me want to quit. Geez, please balance the PvP.

Being hacked for 30%. Then hacked five minutes later for another 30%. How can we save for upgrades like this? :evil:

New music. I'd be happy to use credits for slow dark electronic music (think 'angel' by massive attack! Awesome hax0r music! :) )
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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Post by SourC00lguy » Thu Feb 02, 2017 12:00 am

I love the game but...

i also dislike very much being hacked by one person every day, multiple times a day, so that i cannot upgrade without using a shield for 7 days.

There could be a limit on being hacked by the same person on a weekly or maybe monthly basis. Or the more you are hacked by the same person in a month the less you get from the hack, to promote attacking diffrent people.

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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Post by OmniVipera » Fri Feb 03, 2017 8:21 am

I LOVE how competitive this game is and how much skill is involved. I don't mind being hacked alot as long as its populated and the search algorithm is advanced. ;)

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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Post by JerryCan » Sun Feb 05, 2017 10:08 pm

I dislike that the Sentry can be shocked and still transfer a stronger anti virus if it links up. I've made a separate thread explaining this problem better under 'Shocker Glitch'

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Re: What do you like and dislike about Hackers?

Post by allenwood » Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:53 pm

As my point of view Ethical Hacking is good

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