[Potential Idea] ReadMe Text Character Limitations

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[Potential Idea] ReadMe Text Character Limitations

Post by Yahiko » Sun Dec 04, 2016 7:40 am

So, I've liked the idea of the "ReadMe" text inside the core , whether it's on your own , or after hacking someone else and accessing their "ReadMe" txt.

So lately , I found out that you can put in text in different format like in a forum.
Example: italics or Bold ..etc

Though adding all these codes takes up space to the point where there is a small limit and like me, I like putting either a quote or signature when hacking other hackers but again , it is really limited and sadly everything won't fit , mostly because adding color to words , or using the code for bold/italic takes up allot of space.
My suggestion was , there should be an option to be able to buy longer character limit for "ReadMe" texts either with credits or money in the store.
Surely I would buy this , if it were an option , I like to be creative when accesing "ReadMe" texts.

There isn't much cons to this idea, mainly because if people were to somehow abuse it? (somehow?) a ReadMe message can be removed with a single tap. :!:

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