More Potential Update/ Feature Ideas

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More Potential Update/ Feature Ideas

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-ANYTHING to increase parallelism or decrease compiler wait times ( I really liked the idea of being able to use b-coin to pay for compiler speedups by the way, props to whomever thought that one up)
So off the top of my head here are a handfull of thoughts and ideas which i share freely with the hopes that maybe one will cause someone else to get a lightbulb resulting in new features being added so please contribute your own thoughts as a hive-mind is better than one!

-A "cold storage wallet" for B-coins kinda like a codegate mixed with a b-coin mixer (or requiring some special attack vector to access)
-"Offshore accounts" similar to the above but with $
-Setup new type of targets, the "company" the ""cloud" (company network) and the "web app" which players attack to access Databases in the backend which contain Credentials or Intellectual Property Info or Sensitive Company info all of which could either be accumulated and sold or used in other attacks against that same company's other network assets stored on the deepweb or in general attacks like credential stuffing
-accumulate credentials from databases of companys and players to build value/ more effective lists
-Customize payloads via polymorphism, crypters, encoding, exe binding and other malware obfuscation techniques to create more effective payloads, backdoors etc.
-honeypots, or AV proxy node for capturing other players payloads and reverse engineering them to learn new malware/payload obfuscation tricks
-botnets and an "in the wild" WWAN view where one can take over L2 pivot or RDP nodes or which can become botnet hosts?

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