Just curious who pays and who doesn't.

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Re: Just curious who pays and who doesn't.

Post by Tester » Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:38 pm

i am sure that credit buying USA/UK/westEU citizens mostly.
i cant buy the credit, becouse i need buy bread instead putting money in to some game :/

thats all. happy that i have internet for few at lest/

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Re: Just curious who pays and who doesn't.

Post by 90skushkid » Thu Nov 03, 2016 12:45 pm

haven't spent money yet on the game. not saying Im not going to. but I wanted to test out how far I can push myself without buying credits. im lvl 18 with a lvl 6 core. once I hit the 20s I might start buying credits. I need more building blocks lmao. this 2 building blocks and waiting 18-24 hrs for some upgrades is getting kinda crazy :lol: :lol:
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Re: Just curious who pays and who doesn't.

Post by CerberusArc » Fri Nov 04, 2016 7:17 pm

I've probably spent about $50 in small clumps (should have just bought the $50 package, lol).

Anyway, I think that spending the credits wisely is important. You can actually get by with minimal spending, considering the daily rewards can help you grind it out. The game's actually very generous with that.

Prioritize building threads. I would definitely take it all the way to 5.

What Silken said is also great. Instead of using the credits for resources, use them for program compile times and then go hack. You get a much better deal.

Also, since it is relevant and I've not seen it posted before, be careful with spending credits on building upgrades. You may notice that while adding threads to a building reduces the time, it does NOT reduce the cost in credits to instant finish. Using credits on a building with 3 threads on it would cost the same as if it had 1 thread.

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Re: Just curious who pays and who doesn't.

Post by iSpy » Fri Nov 04, 2016 8:27 pm

Silken wrote:Spent £20 getting all 5 builders. These games are just too painfully with anything below 4 builders. Although with a bit of saving you could get to 4 quite quickly via the daily credits, video and card picks ups on the map.
Haven't spent any cash yet on this game. I have in the past with similar games for the reasons you stated but i've been saving up credits since I started, currently sitting on 700/100 for the 4th builder, definitely not the quickest of processes but I decided to go all f2p for a change to test myself.

Think I'll eventually buy some creds for a skin or two as a thanks to the devs tho.
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Re: Just curious who pays and who doesn't.

Post by Hackercritic » Sun Nov 06, 2016 2:17 am

Didn't spend money till level 18-19, and that was to buy my third builder as well as refill my b coins for upgrading my evolver to level 6 and then once again to develop the portal.

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