Once upon a Time...

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Re: Once upon a Time...

Post by Silken » Thu Oct 27, 2016 7:13 pm

M1st3rR0b0t wrote:
Silken wrote:
M1st3rR0b0t wrote:ive literally just been stealth hacking you now for free Rep. Your set up is fancy and effective. But if im not mistaken your first priority should be to protect your core. Thanks for helping me just like the others. Ive went from 100+ rep to now 500+ with out any effort at all.... And like i said i only want your core.


I'm a farmer. I keep my reputation low on purpose. Hence it being connected to a net connection.

The game is about resources and levelling.
Indeed i get my reasources from the missions. I get my rep from the players.....silly goose
Ok. If that makes you happy. :?
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Reputation Status Update - Farming is Dead :o

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