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Idea - A long-range defense?

Posted: Tue Jun 04, 2019 8:09 am
by DiamondDick
Hello guys!
The name is DiamondDick. (I just joined the forum...)

So after I have been playing this excellent game for some time, I think there's a need for better long-ranged defense. Though I account Sentry as one of them.
Here, it's my idea-
I.M.P.S. (Internet Malware Program Suppressor)

This fancy defensive node fires three blasts of projectiles (every 5 seconds) that can attack enemy nodes 2 nodes away. However, due to some defects, its malware sensor cannot detect close enemies - therefore it cannot fire at neighboring nodes. Also, when there is enemy node between the target and itself, it cannot fire at the target.

Talking about its DPS, I prefer 36 DPS at level 1 (that means, 60 damage per projectile and 180 damage per round). Assists defense quite well, and can deal some great damage on the shields.

Any more ideas or improvements?