This is to trickster arts.

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Re: This is to trickster arts.

Post by thecoolgamer9000 » Wed May 15, 2019 2:46 am

Oh Xia, oh my oh my...

Let's start from the beginning, shall we?

It all started when me and 10 other people were fed up with Remuz. We gathered evidence, we piled up information. And were finally ready to overthrow Remuz. During our little campaign, we talked to you. We asked you to testify against Remuz, a request which you declined, saying that "He is a good admin. He is a little bit toxic from time to time but he has done great things for the community". Unfortunately, I left the group so I can't take screenshots, but I am sure that those 10 people can confirm my statement.

Now, the whole role revamp. Why? Like really, just why? The server had Wraith, a small moderator who could delete messages, Guardian who was more advanced and could kick users and create channels, Staff who could do anything they desired and Plus staff who were above staff. Now there is only Staff which is composed of some inactives (I am looking at you Mirrielle, I wonder if you are actually dead sometimes) and Management, who oversee the changes made to the server.

All Sys Admins+ automatically received staff role, while some people received Management role (by some I mean only 4 people). All guardians- were demoted which I find a shame. There were ton of great and active guardians such as iblitxkrieg and Yopee who, even though weren't trying to change the server for the better, had the tools to ban any role breakers that come into the server. Wraiths also had the function as they could mute members, and there were a lot of wraiths. Now the staff is very limited.

The Management is composed of only 4 members, another big flaw. Plus the voting system is a flaw itself. In the case of Lurk, 4 people total voted to either lift the ban or keep the ban of Lurk, even though he had all of the evidence in the world that his ban was false. 2 voted to keep the ban and 2 voted to lift the ban. The 2 who voted to keep the ban on Lurk had a history of beef with him, this is just pure bias and unacceptable in professional environment such as community management. I've known many great CMs, and none of them let their feelings get into the management, however, in your server subjectivity is everything apparently.

Now, lurk is not the only example of such power abuse from admins. I think we currently have 20 people who are unhappy with the way the server is being handled. Now don't worry, those 20 people won't start a crusade just so you can ban them, nonono. We know that those methods are just gonna lead us to nowhere as long as we walk right into your castle. Those members are long gone from the server and never coming back.

If you don't understand that you are loosing valuable members who have been loyal to the server for a long time then I must be sorry for you. I've seen most of the people that come into the server, and they are nowhere near being loyal. While on the other hand, you have loyal members supporting Lurk and because of that leaving your server.

I know you are not gonna change a bit, Xia. And the 20 members including me honestly don't care. You can move the server wherever you may see fit, even if I know it's going right down the road to hell. I just don't care. I am happy with funez1, lazorix, TheLurkingRage among others that I just don't see a single reason of why should I return there apart from c0ntrol asking me again to play a match of subterfuge.

My 2 cents. Nothing personal. You do you, while I do I.

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Re: This is to trickster arts.

Post by Trickster » Wed May 15, 2019 5:47 am

Ok, let's stop here. Changes were made, it started an unfortunate disagreement, some people left, some fought back, lots of rude words were said... But that's I am afraid already a history. It can't be changed. If you molchu would like to join us in the discussion to find a way out, send me a PM. If you don't care anymore as you wrote, then it's a shame, but there is no point in discussing it here further. Applies to everyone, I'm locking this thread.