Failed hacks

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Failed hacks

Post by Yetti777 » Thu Feb 07, 2019 7:15 am

So I'm currently lvl 15 and have been having problems getting successful hacks. I dont have kraken or wraith yet. It seeks like I always lose because everyone bunches up the turrets to 1 mode, so when I take that mode I'm getting hit by 3 turrets at once and cant get passed them. How can I attack against that?
Example of what I come across
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Re: Failed hacks

Post by 570RM » Tue Mar 12, 2019 7:24 pm

Ah, the 3 turret choke point. That's one of them that always gets me. Since you don't have the Kracken or Wraith yet (assuming that your at Core 5) there are some other ways that you can get past their pesky security (this is with the accepting that your evolver is over lvl 3 and you have the Protrctor and Balaster evolved to at least lvl 1):

Protector and Shurikens
This is a good strategy used by many pro hackers, and it's pretty easy to see why. Now, Turret level, and program levels are all important to this, for if the turrets are only level 3 then your set with this. The protector will require an ice wall, but once its installed, your golden. The Protector will regen, and with another ice wall taking the hits, it can regen quite a bit before being attacked again.

Protector, Shocker and Shurikens
This is a REALLY useful way to hack people, as the shocker buys you 3 additional (more with level) seconds, which can give your protector some more time to heal itself. There is a downside with this tho, as the time taken to compile the shocker can be a bit of a pain :? But if you do have the compiler upgraded to level 2, your all set.

Protector, Blaster, and Shuriken
The protector and shurikens are really good at eliminating low level turrets, but if the turrets are chewing through your protectors buffer shield, then you may want a Balster. I really find this way useful for the use of both Turrets AND Black ICE's, as it buys you some more time to eliminating them. It also pauses natural regeneration for a short moment, which is much greater for removing difficult targets. Only downside to this is that you may need to have higher leveled program libraries to do this, as the Blaster can really take up space.

Protector, Blaster, Shuriken and Shocker
The most OP way to get rid of them (but takes a lifetime to compile if you still have a lvl 1 compiler...), use this tactic to take down your enemy within a heart beat. Place down your shocker, then instantly your protector (an Ice wall will be good for really low firewalled nodes like the scanner, so they cant just take you out before the protector can finish installing. Trust me, its annoying...). From there, place down your Blaster and finally fill up the remaining slots with Shurikens. This will buy you lots of time, and can effectively get the job done. BE WARNED! You will need lots of B-coins, space for your B-coins and Program Space in your library(s), and possibly some time to get the programs compiled. It's a sad trade off for a super effective strategy.

So, these different tips will (hopefully) get you through the 3-Turret choke point. I will continue to experiment with different ways of getting through these choke points, and will let you know in the future if I can manage to find any other strategies :D Let me know if they work for you!
Happy Hacking!
570RM ;)
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Re: Failed hacks

Post by TheLurkingRage » Wed Apr 03, 2019 12:13 pm

Yetti777 wrote:How can I attack against that?
ICE Walls. Simple as that.
570RM wrote:
Protector, Blaster, Shuriken and Shocker
The most OP way to get rid of them (but takes a lifetime to compile if you still have a lvl 1 compiler...)
If wasting your time, library space and B-Coins is what you want, ever heard of Maniacs? :lol:
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