Increasing Community through Hacker Gangs

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Increasing Community through Hacker Gangs

Post by M3M3_ST34LR » Sun Oct 07, 2018 1:10 am

Hello all,

I know updates are very rare (before AI, the last major update was probably the addition of global chat...) and Hackers isn't exactly an app for major gameplay updates.

However, as an almost-lvl90 player, I've noticed that there are a lot of wandering new players on global chat who are lost and friendless. I have an idea that could probably keep some newer players interested who would otherwise quit after a few weeks of gameplay.

The idea is simple -- and I concede, it has probably been brought up on forums in many different ways. Right now, new players are more or less on their own, except for global chat (which is often just hi's and spam - picture attached from today's beautiful chat discussion), country chat (which is usually dead), or the Discord/fb (if they're lucky to find it -- and it isn't even a part of the official Hackers.)

That being said, what if we could implement a way for players to create or join "Hacker gangs," which would be small groups of players with a name and an automatically-generated logo? The logo could appear next to a player's name on the World Map or global chat. There could also be a separate chat for these groups.

These gangs would cost a substantial amount of credits to create (maybe 500 or so, so everyone doesn't go create their own). The founder would be able to name the group and decide whether it would be open or closed (require invitation from officers.) It would be free for any player to join a gang.

I feel like this is a decent way to encourage players to really get to know each other more than they have, especially newer players. After all, there's only so much attention you can attract in global chat if you're just another level 12 player with the noob rank who doesn't know how to use color chat. The implementation of these gangs also doesn't seem too complex from a coding perspective (compared to some of the other crazy ideas on this forum ;) ).

I'm sure the spirit of my idea was in the devs' minds when they created the country chats, but it hasn't really caught on for a few reasons -- the biggest of which is that no player really owns them, so no one really cares about them. If we created these Hacker gangs, the leader and officers would have an incentive to get people to join their gang, and would be more welcoming to newer players who just might stick around more.
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