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Suggestion for AI

Post by Mchief » Thu May 31, 2018 7:49 pm

Had a few ideas so in no particular order

AI squid - suggest that installing the squid disables the node installed on like wriath, additional any node disabled by squid would have a effect placed on it that makes the node look like it's wrapped in tenticals , instead of the standard disabled purple cloud.

AI hawk - installing hawk on a node sends a maniac like attack to an attached node with damage equal to the Hawks standard damage times the install time, nodes that are taken over while under hawk attach gain a effect that makes them look like they are bleeding

AI beetle - installing Beetle on a node gives it a ice wall like effect , this stacks with any actual ice walls/guardians you may have, any node healed by beetle gains a shiny armored look .

AI GUI - suggest adding a revive AI button to the compile screen that does bc only revives , also maybe adjust the compilation finished notifyer to include the AIs, as it's kinda annoying for my phone to beep at me my programs are done, then each AI that recovers when one everything is ready to go would suffice.

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