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Post by [RECAP] » Sat Oct 01, 2016 1:47 pm

So i was thinking about this idea about factions and i came across a really good idea.

Inatead of world dominatiom being countries we would have the factions there.
People meet and join into factions.

Instead of members giving "units" to each other (like CoC) i think of another way:

There be an button to see the faction "seed server", all can see and only the founder ( chairman or boss or whatever...) can manage it, others can only see.

So whats the "seed server"?
Seed server grants bonuses for the members of the faction and it requires b coins and money to upgrade its various parts.

So everyone can donate money and b coins to the feed server bank and no one can withdraw it, only faction founder can manage to invest it to upgrade the feed server.

So what are seed server parts and what they do?
(the bonuses are for all members)

"Multi-Threader": this part decreases the compile time of the viruses or units in game by threaded compiling.

decreases compile time of units by a percentage for example:
Lvl 1: -3% compile time
Lvl 2: -5% compile time

"Signature Updater":this part updates the defenses to latest virus signatures and improves their powers

Improves defenses attack power
for example:
Lvl 1: +1 power
Lvl 2: +2 power

"Junk binder":this part binds the viruses with junks and increases the stealth ability of stealth units so they are harder to be found

Increases stealth ability
for example:
Lvl 1: +2 stealth/s
Lvl 2: +4 stealth/s

"scripter": this part adds some harmfull scripts to the units so they are more dangerous and powerfuller.

Increases attack units power
For example:
Lvl 1: +1 power
Lvl 2: +2 power

"b coin miner": this parts increases the b coins gained in hacks by mining the transactions and giving you back the transaction fee

Increases b coin gained in hacks
For example:
Lvl 1: +1% b coin
Lvl 2: +2% b coin

Well there can be more too...
I think this idea is better than unit donations.
This way all donate as much as they can cuz its for their own good at any means and these perks look acme too.

There may be also some faction wars too but my main idea was about this system and faction wars idea is up to someone else :D

Please tell me how you think about this idea
Is it bad? Wich part you think it's bad?
Is it good? Wich part you like the most?
It can be better?wich part can be improved and how?

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Re: Factions

Post by Silken » Sat Oct 01, 2016 2:06 pm

It's an ok idea, but rewards in-game should have a buffer from people just paying real money and getting rewards straight of the bat. I played Star Wars Heros for a bit and they had raids that you had to complete to get rewards as a group.

All the top players still grouped together and completed the raids quickly, but at least they still had to do something. Just donating Coins and B-Coin, which you can buy, offers no challenge and creates a FTP vs PTP gap more quickly.

But all of these types games, in some way, have to offer alliances and rewards. I'm sure it's coming.
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