Potential Update Ideas (Program and Nodes)

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Re: Potential Update Ideas (Program and Nodes)

Post by HCX - DReaD » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:22 am

Reverse Transcribe
A hostile program that will corrupt all connected nodes, making them temporarily recover your lost firewall points instead of damaging it every time it attacks. One-time use. Corrupt duration will increase as the program get upgraded.

C4 Alpha
A program that will initiates self-destruct on captured node, dealing a huge amount of firewall damage to all connected nodes (including nodes that has been captured by you), but rebooting the installed node after the explosion, effectively giving them back to the network owner.

A security node that will slowly deletes one program at a time on all infected nodes within 2 connections from Leukocyte. Deleting speed depends on node level and the program's DPS being deleted.

A program that will revert every connected nodes to its original state; meaning it will regain any lost firewall points, bring captured nodes back to its owner and lose their antivirus progress/state.

A program that will removes antivirus state installed on nodes slowly. It will only start removing the antivirus from the nodes when it is finish being installed. Removal speed depends on antivirus' dps and program level.

A program that will replicate currently installed programs into empty program slots in the said node. Useful on nodes with 4 or more program slots, effectively cutting down programs needed to be used. Cannot replicate special programs like Kraken or one-time use programs like Shocker.

A stealth program that will slowly spread inside a network while permanently reducing DPS value of infected security nodes (value return to normal after the hacking finished). Can only be installed on netConnection. Any Trojan will be removed when stealth phase ends.

(Each programs/nodes' details such as compilation time, price, disk space, install time, etc would probably better if decided by the developers)

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Re: Potential Update Ideas (Program and Nodes)

Post by Sibernetika » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:22 pm

Allow stealth to do scouting, instead of connecting to a network we can use access from the world map on viable targets, so we never connect to a targeted network but we receive a screenshot/3D view of the targeted network, then we can decide if we wish to connect to the network or not
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Re: Potential Update Ideas (Program and Nodes)

Post by HCX - DReaD » Sun Jun 03, 2018 4:40 pm

A trap program which player can plant on their own network nodes. Max of 3 can be planted (can't be stacked). This trap will activate 3 seconds after a node its planted got captured. It will prevent any programs from damaging any neighboring nodes and any additional programs from being installed. It has a timer which it will eventually kill itself along with any programs installed after its activation. If the Capsule destroyed before its own self-destruct, the programs installed won't be deleted and the Capsule removed.

A defensive node which cause nodes connected to it to lose 1 program slot.

A defensive program which reflected back a portion of damage received by where it is installed. Has buffer size which reduced by the original damage received by the node it is installed. (With ICE Wall/Protector it won't receive any buffer damage)

Forcibly make the node it is installed a first priority target by all neighboring security nodes.

A program which will phase-through any damage the node it is installed received onto random neighboring captured nodes.

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Re: Potential Update Ideas (Program and Nodes)

Post by DankUnicornMemz » Fri Jun 08, 2018 8:33 am

Skill trees for programs and nodes.

Beam cannon and get the choice of upping strength or reducing compile cost.

Guardian and get the choice of increased shield frequency or code filter or shock resistance (less time stunned).

Surikan increases frequency of attack or base strength.

Turrets get choice of high single target strength or weaker two headed turret.

Code gate more filter or higher firewall regen.

Black ice upgrade choice of blaster like stun ability, or ability to charge a shot when intrusion detected and fire on first neighbor node captured.

Blaster choice of reduced install time or incresed strength

Kraken: this muda fuka needs a fix plain and simple make the tentacle strength multiplicative rather than addative. If all 5 tent are merged strength is through the roof. If they are seperated it is weaker.

Maniac: this muda fuka is just plain useless especially compared to the kraken as the game is currently balanced. If it is buffed quite a bit maybe a choice between code gate breaking or multi head maniac that attacks all nodes.

Ai could also have choice between hawk with stun or attack power. Beetle could have shock resistance on healed node or increased healing capacity.

The muda fuka squid... This thing is the biggest disappointment in the game and likely the only hacking node i would consider deleting. it is just too unfocused to help defend you and too unpredictable to be useful as a weapon. Make it less sensitive and follow stealth around or something and have it prioritize node dissabling like a regular virus AV first, security nodes, core, and reg nodes in order of greatest firewall to least NOT CELESTIA DAMNED RANDOM RNG BULL SHIZER.

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Re: Potential Update Ideas (Program and Nodes)

Post by bobston314 » Mon Aug 20, 2018 10:34 pm

All programs attack the Honeypot before any other node (i.e. the node is at the top of the attack priority). In the case it is disabled (Wraith, shocker, upgrading) it is moved to a regular position in attack priorities (e.g. same as any upgrading node)

May significantly unbalance choke points; perhaps the Ram gets the additional ability to smash through the shielding of the Honeypot (in-game excuse: the code is based off of that of the code gate, and thus similar enough for the Ram to attack with high effectiveness)

Potential additional features:
  • Kraken also affected - Kraken first attacks the Honeypot. Game then computes the path length to the core from both the Honeypot and the previous node; if the previous node has a shorter path length the the Kraken instantly retreats and continues from the previous node
  • Hard-coded input only - Honeypot cannot output any information as a hardware security feature, so attacking programs/Access/antivirus doesn't do anything and can't be installed. Path-finding and network connectivity checked by creating an identical network but with Honeypots and their connections removed, and performing the operations on this graph.
  • Automatic rebooting - can either be soft reboot (slowly decreases its own firewall; Protector/ICE Wall delay this) or hard reboot (wipes all programs and returns to uncontrolled state. Frequency can be increased with upgrades. If this node is added, potentially consider not including it in evaluation of total control.

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Re: Potential Update Ideas (Program and Nodes)

Post by K-man » Thu Sep 06, 2018 2:50 pm

I think should be an option that allows us to hack our networks. At least, let a guy know how strong his defense is. Of course, there should be no rewards.

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