Unsynchronized-ness [RESOLVED]

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Unsynchronized-ness [RESOLVED]

Post by minhducsun2002 » Thu Oct 04, 2018 8:24 am

I'm reporting some bugs leading to the game not synchronizing with the server, potientially making players losing progresses.
  • 1. In case of threads being switched between multiple upgrades, the removing of a thread is recorded almost immediately, but adding a thread to another upgrading node takes time. And sometimes, threads just don't get added (which is frustrating when I exit the game too early).
    2. The Programs window sometimes lags the game globally when syncing takes time.
    • 2.1 Sometimes, when adding programs to compilation queue, the game also lags after the moment of tapping the desired program. If a tap is made on the screen during the lagging period, it will be counted twice.
      2.2 It also sometimes lags when a program is removed from the queue. In this case, any tap during the lag moment might get unnoticed (but not always).
I want to note here that my connection isn't good, but there's no warning on that. Plus, I only launch the game after confirming the Internet works.
Also, another bug :
  • 3. The text of the security logs window, when switched to Friends tab, sometimes gets tore apart during the period between the time that the loading animation stops and the friend list gets shown.
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Re: Unsynchronized-ness [IN PROGRESS]

Post by Luminaar » Thu Oct 04, 2018 3:45 pm

Thanks for the reports. :)

1 - This is not so much a bug, as an issue with receiving information. When a device requests that a thread be added, issues such as internet connectivity may cause information either to be not received, or - in cases when the server doesn't get a response back from a device and subsequently asks the device for it again - processed twice. The information that the server has received is refreshed on the device when it is requested again. When closing the app without refreshing this information, this sometimes results in the device and the server having different values when closing and reopening.

There's not much that can be done to improve this, as lost internet packets are expected every now and again. The best solution I have for this is to select the World Map and then reselect your network before cosing the session. This will refresh the information that the server has for a network, and will provide you with the most accurate resource and thread information.

2 - Both these issues are related to the way the app recalculates the amount of time required to finish compiling programs and confirms which programs are actually in progress. If there is a connection issue when processing this information, the app will wait for a response to prevent other issues from occurring (such as tapping quickly to delete programs that no longer exist, or to try and compile more programs than you can hold etc.)

Similar to above, there's not too much that can be done about this, as a lack of connectivity isn't specifically a bug with the app. Steps have been taken to provide as much "app stability" and "information integrity" as possible without events leading to a error/crash at each potential hurdle, and hope that a small delay while this info is processed is preferable to the app crashing/closing when information on the server and device doesn't match.

3 - I'll request that this is reviewed, but if you could provide a screenshot or video of what is happening on your device, it would me most helpful in assisting with fixing the issue. :)
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