Update v1.034 - current issues [RESOLVED]

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Update v1.034 - current issues [RESOLVED]

Postby Luminaar » Fri Aug 18, 2017 11:21 am

We are currently investigating issues regarding touch screen responsiveness on Android devices that have upgraded to Hackers v1.034. The team are working hard to diagnose the issue as we speak! Hackers now runs with a newer version of the Unity engine which may be more demanding for certain devices. Could anyone affected by this please provide us with more information in this thread regarding the device and the Android version being used in the following format, and we'll continue to look into this!

Android version:
Any "overlay app" details (screen recording, active chat, gestures apps etc.):

Edit 1: We are aware of an issue regarding Unity detailed here: https://issuetracker.unity3d.com/issues ... uch-events and are working towards a solution.

Edit 2: Disabling any overlay apps may restore touch screen functionality.

Edit 3: We are now updating/recompiling the Unity engine. :)

Edit 4: v1.035 update published to Google Play, addressing issues with touch detection in combination with overlay applications. Additional tweaks and optimizations to hopefully improve framerate issues. (A few more tweaks to come too!)

Edit 5: v1.035 update published to Google Play again! :D (The version names are the same - whoops! If your Beam Cannons don't display correctly during a hack, there's a new version!)

Edit 6: Additional builds and optimisations planned, commencing after the weekend.

Edit 7: V1.036 making its way to the servers! We hope this will resolve the ongoing issues. Please update, and let us know here if you're still having problems.
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