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Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Luminaar » Tue May 09, 2017 6:34 pm

On this page you will find answers to some of the more commonly asked questions that we receive.
  • Version 1.3 Update
  • How do I open and close the chat?
    To open chat, press the new "speech bubble" button located in the top-left corner of your network. You can select from Global chat, as well as chat from other players in your country by selecting the options above the chat. To close the chat, press the red "<" button located on the right hand side of the chat pane.
  • How do I connect to Facebook?
    On the World Map, select the Settings Cog and then Facebook: Connect.
  • How do I change my name?
    On the World Map, select the Settings Cog and then Name Change.
  • Forget all that namby-pamby stuff ... Tell me how to attack my friends!!
    Once you're connected via Facebook, open up your Security Log and select the Friends tab at the top. You'll be able to attack them by pressing the Simulation button, and even view their Hacklog!

    Gameplay Related
  • I'm missing a building thread!
    Check your currently upgrading nodes for the white blocks that are displayed underneath the time remaining on an upgrading node. Each white block represents a single building thread. To remove and add threads, tap on the timer above the node.
    See the information here for more details.
  • I can't move my nodes/moving them is a pain.
    Go to your network, and select the "Build" button in the bottom right corner, and then press the "Rebuild" button that appears in the top left corner. This will put you in Rebuild Mode! This mode lets you detach nodes individually (or all at once for a fresh start if you wish), and move them around at will. The Save button at the bottom of the screen will highlight when you have an eligible network, so feel free to experiment.
  • I can't delete my nodes!
    You won't be able to delete a node that would result in your network becoming invalid in some way, such as the remaining nodes being more than 9 reach away from a netConnection, or trying to remove an essential node such as the Core or your Compiler. You are also unable to delete nodes while in Rebuild mode.
  • It's not that! Stupid Database ...
    At Core Level 7, you are required to have 2 Database nodes in order to progress to Core 8. The game safeguards you against stifling progression by preventing you from removing a second database. See here for more details.
  • OMG HAXX - Multiple netConnections on one node / Disconnected networks
    These bugs have been resolved, and will not occur on any newly created networks. Some abandoned accounts that haven't connected since the fix unfortunately never had chance to have the update applied to their networks. Please send a screenshot of any unresolved networks to
  • I can not replay or view my hacks!
    This is most likely due to either yourself or your target not having the latest version of Hackers, but it can also happen when an attacker left your network in a non-standard way such as force closing, crashing or losing connection to the game. This event is quite common once an update has just recently been released. Updates are usually made mandatory for playing within the first month.
  • I got disconnected/could not connect because my network is under heavy load from an unknown attacker!
    If you see this message while logging in, it means someone is currently accessing your network. You will be able to reconnect once they have disconnected. If you were currently playing when you saw this message, take a break! Your network can be targetted after you have been online for 3 consecutive hours.
  • The music is amazing! I want! *NEW INFO*
    Production of the Hackers soundtrack is coming along fanstastically! The music files have been remastered, and we're ironing out details regarding the artwork and distribution method. We hope to have it available within a few months. :)
    ProTip: If you follow on you'll get a notification the moment it gets released!
  • The translation in my language is incorrect.
    To aid us in correcting any poor translations, send any change requests to using the format below - (Copy/Paste the information below as many times as you need!)
    Current Incorrect Word/Phrase:
    Correct Word/Phrase to Use :
  • Can you add my Real World Location to the Map?
    Unfortunately, no. HACKERS is set in an alternative reality, and while it bears some similarities to the world we currently live in, the technology and the in-game politics, along with the people that reside in it, are fictitious. We understand that there are plenty of politically disputable territories around the world and while we have no intention of causing any grievances, we would simply be unable to make everyone happy. We wish to remain impartial regarding any political standings in the real world and request your understanding on such matters.
  • Unknown Hack in my Hacks Log!
    Technically, it is currently possible to have a hack show in your log at an unusual time. If a hack is initiated but not finished somehow, due to a dropped connection for example, it remains unresolved in the database. This is usually rectified immediately when you log back into the game or restablish a connection, but if a player doesn't reconnect then the hack will remain unresolved until a different player reaches the target. The game will then resolve the initial hack (resulting in a failed attempt with no programs used and no replay viewable), before initiating a new attack from the new player.

    Account Related:
  • Can I change my screen name?
    Yes! If you wish us to change your name, please add RENAME to your ReadMe file, by selecting the Core on your network and pressing the "page" icon, and send the following to
    Current name in-game:
    Name you would like to change to:
    Your current Level:
    The country your network is in:
    Please allow us up to 7 days to complete this request.
  • How about resetting my account?
    That's a little bit drastic don't you think?! We'd love to find a compromise with you if something isn't working for you. Send me information about what's bothering you about your current network (and why you want to trash it and start again) and we'll see what we can do :)
  • I do not have the latest version available (iOS + Android)
    Updated versions may not be available straight away, depending on your timezone. For Android, please try restarting Google Play. If that does not help, please restart your device. For both platforms, waiting a few hours may do the trick, and is usually available in all territories within 24 hours.
  • Google Play authentication failed:
    This is a common issue, and is an easy fix in most cases. In order of difficulty/inconvenience:
    - Ensure you have the latest Google Play App and Google Service patches installed.
    - Toggle "Automatically sign into games" off and back on again in the Play Games app (Play Games → Settings menu → Automatically Connect.)
    - Clear your local Hackers cache (Settings → Apps → Hackers → Storage → Clear Cache.)
    - Clear your Google Service data.
    ** Information can be found at ... -services/ - If you are on Android 6, try the approach described here: ... ta_id79546
    The aboves processes will resolve the mass majority of problems. If it doesn't, send an email to detailing the steps already taken. (We'd hate to be repeating the same things to you.)
  • Can you Link my account manually?
    Sorry, no. From our perspective, your Google account shows up as a number like g0123456789101112. The "Authentication failed" error means that when our server asks Google if your account is valid, Google says "I can not authenticate it". If all other ways of resolving this fails, you may need to ask Google Play support why your account can not be connected.
  • The loading bar stops just before it is full:
    Most likely cause of this is a small amount of data corruption or incompatibility which sometimes happens after an update. Please try clearing the application cache in the app settings on your device. If you are on Android 6, try the approach described here: ... ta_id79546
    For iOS, try the information halfway down the page here:
  • Can I continue my game even if I uninstall:
    Yes! However, you will first need to check World Map > Options. If you are connected, it will say GameCenter (or Google Play) [CONNECTED]. If so, when you reinstall the game, the latest saved information will be loaded from your Game Center/Google Play account.

    Platform Related
  • Will it be released on Windows mobile platform?
    At the moment there are no plans to release Hackers for Windows phone.
  • Can I switch accounts from iOS to Android?
    Yes! On the device of the network you wish to keep, go to the World Map, then select Options and then Link Device. Select Main Network, and take a note of the code you get there. Then go to the network that you no longer wish to keep, go to the World Map and select Option > Link Device > Unwanted network. Enter the code you received and voila!

    In App Purchases:
  • Alternative Payment Methods
    Hackers exclusively uses Google Play and the Apple App store for purchases. If you are having issues with purchases using a third party billing service, please contact Google or Apple support (depending on the device you are using.)
  • I can't buy Resources for credits.
    This is usually caused by accessing the "Fill Storages" option before the network has completely finished loading. This will be prevented in the future by locking UI interactions until the game has all the info it needs first.
  • Credits not added to account.
    A-ya! We're very sorry about this! Very rarely, the payment process will get "stuck" in the app, but thankfully, this is easily fixable. Please read through the entirety of the following first, then go through the following steps.

    1) Open up the game, select the Build button in the bottom right, and select the Market.
    2) Select the item that you purchased and click BUY, but do NOT confirm the purchase.
    This should refresh the process of any unprocessed payments. You do not need to confirm any other purchase, and if the app asks you to confirm, please select cancel.
    3) Restart the app and the credits should now be added.

    If the solution above does not help, please send your in-game name, level and country of your network, along with the ID of your purchase (ideally this would be a receipt screenshot if you are on iOS) to

    Community Related:
    Follow us on Facebook ( and Twitter, (!
  • My current community is too quiet/noisy/elitest/n00bish...
    You can join our other official community on Reddit ( We also have unofficial communities for Discord here, and the Hackers (Unofficial) Group here. Want your community added? Let me know at!
  • I want to see hacks in action!
    Then check out the YouTube channels of Lazorix,NerRad, PerseVerAnce, Remuz and theMarshall!
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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by WarIock » Sat Jun 03, 2017 7:31 am

Can there be a "Known Bugs/glitches" sticky?

Why are some of the reported bugs marked as "Solved" when no fix seems to have been posted. Was there an update? Maybe change tags to "Fixed", "Not a Bug", "Confirmed"?

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by Luminaar » Sat Jun 03, 2017 3:20 pm

WarIock wrote:Can there be a "Known Bugs/glitches" sticky?

Why are some of the reported bugs marked as "Solved" when no fix seems to have been posted.
I started a "Known Bugs" section locally before starting the FAQ. :D It hasn't been posted yet because there's still a reasonable amount of information that I'm missing.

And yeah, you read my mind about the Solved posts too! I did realise that posts were more "Resolved - No more that can be done" than "Fixed - here's the solution." I do understand that this could cause an issue with people looking for a fix for things. I'll update Taiwei's "Use Solved" post with the appropriate tags.

EDIT: New Tags added!
[FIXED] - Issue has been resolved - either a bug has been fixed, or a solution to a non-bug has been provided.
[RESOLVED] - Issue has been resolved, either by email or explanation post - no further actions to be taken.
[KNOWN ISSUE] - Report has been noted. Fix is either ready to be deployed next update, or is being worked on.
[IN PROGRESS] - Report currently in the process of being resolved in emails or in topic, or is awaiting additional information.
There are 10 types of people in the world. Those that can read binary, and those that cant.

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Re: Frequently Asked Questions

Post by xDregus » Sun Feb 16, 2020 2:19 am

Hi experts! I'm back to this game after a long time. I already came back once but can't play because I just forgot everything about the game and nothing makes sense anymore haha so I leave.

Now I'm having the same problem. I wanna play the game again because I know how pleasure it was but I just can't remember a thing about the game and having the tutorial all again and start a new profile would be great for me.

Can you guys help me with it? My ID in-game is "Dregus". My Google account registered to it is "".

Tell me if you need some more information. Thanks in advance! I'm anxious to play this again

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