Welcome to the Bug Report forum - Please Read first!

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Welcome to the Bug Report forum - Please Read first!

Post by Luminaar » Wed May 03, 2017 4:26 pm

The purpose of this forum is primarily to collect issue reports on the game, and is intended to be an avenue of communication between players and Trickster Arts.

Bug Report tags currently in use:
[FIXED] or [RESOLVED] - Issue has been resolved in some way. Bugs have been fixed, a solution to a non-bug has been provided, or resolution of the issue has happened by email. No further actions to be taken.
[KNOWN ISSUE] - Report has been noted. Fix is either ready to be deployed next update, or is being worked on for a future update.
[IN PROGRESS] - Report is currently in the process of being resolved via emails or in topic. In Progress topics with suggested fixes will be moved to [FIXED] after 7 days if there are no more responses from the OP.
[ONGOING] - Report is ongoing indefinitely (such as the Wiki errors thread), awaiting additional information from OP/TA, or are unable to be reproduced/confirmed as a known issue.

(Thanks to Taiwei for this suggestion!)

While you may not see a response to every single thread here, have faith that all reports are read, and that any bugs are being worked on wherever possible. If more information is needed or if you are having trouble reproducing an issue, a request for more information may be made, so it would be very appreciated if you check up on your posts once in a while. If you have a workaround which could help out players in the mean time, feel free to contribute to an existing thread!

When creating a thread here, there are a few guidelines that we would greatly appreciate players for following:

• Because the goal of this forum is to keep the dev team up to date on issues, please ensure your posts stay on topic. Posts here should be related to issues found in-game and any workarounds you may have found.

• The search function at the top of the page is highly effective at finding topics, keywords, and even posts by author. Before creating a new forum topic, please be sure to use it to search for similar topics/posts that may contain the answer which you are looking for.

• Any Balance or Game suggestions should be posted in the Update Ideas post.

• Please post in an existing thread if that thread is reporting an issue that is exactly the same as yours. Also, please don't post a new issue inside another topic. If you are experiencing a similar issue with different variations, please create your own topic.

• Be as informative as you can when describing your issue. Please include whatever steps you took that lead up to your issue, and details of what exactly is happening when the issue occurs. Posting "Help Me!" and "I can't play!" may convey your feelings, but generally makes issues more difficult/impossible to resolve!

• When dealing with any kind of issue, it is understood that tensions can run high. We kindly request/expect that all posters treat one another with respect. Posts made in an abusive manner will not be tolerated in any circumstance.

Thank you for adhering to these guidelines, and for making the effort to improve the game!
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