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Re: Updates

Post by DV8ER » Thu Mar 30, 2017 4:33 pm

Nanix wrote:
DV8ER wrote:
Nanix wrote: The game is tough for lower levels, you think 100k is hard :lol: Try 3mil. Once you cross the 500k threshold (which isn't too much further for you) it gets easier. I've gotten this far without paying a cent, so yes it can be done.
LOL, I have to admit that I am NOT looking forward to that. Everytime I am attacked it seems like I'll never get to the point where I can save enough to upgrade. I can't imagine 3+ million!

Frankly I feel like the leveling up is happening way too quickly as there are a lot of complaints about not being able to hack people (I for sure have this problem). I also feel "gun shy" about attacking people because of how expensive it can be to fail.
Trust me, level your beams and other attack programs before all else, and you shouldn't really have to worry about any of that.[/quote]

Thank you very much for the advice! I appreciate it greatly. I have been focusing on leveling up the programs and that definitely seems to have helped.

Thank you again!

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From Six Fans

Post by Froste » Wed May 03, 2017 3:15 am


I am a fresh but fond player of HACKERS. The game is excellent, but it is rather difficult to provide feedback or contact developers. This is my attempt at such, so if there is a more reliable or effective means to provide feedback to the developers, that would be good to know.

I have a list of recommended updates which six people, including myself, would love to see:

1. Obviously, a way to provide feedback for bugs, reporting players, and requesting features and changes - perhaps directly from the settings menu - would be extremely helpful to players and game designers.

2. A feature for searching usernames and sending "IP requests" (like a friend request, for contact or competition) could be added to the world screen. This would allow players to connect with affiliates without spamming others. Hence, friends could hack each other, create groups, share data and stats, etc. Perhaps an option to flag or report players could be including as an option upon rejecting an unknown request.

3. Similarly, chats could be added for further connection. These could be global, national, local, private, or a combination. Due to the intrensic online nature of the game, this would also be very beneficial to players (and appreciated!) and shouldn't be as arduous to implement as other possible updates.

4. Players at all levels of skill and investment spend much of the game analyzing and perfecting strategies for both hacking and security. A testing arena would be a wonderful addition, where players could test their security by attempting to hack their own networks. Perhaps a concept of hacking sandbox networks with simulation program compilations could also be added (much like the training missions). There could be a fee for each test, similar to the fee to refresh the world scan (but maybe B-coins instead). This would give players other options of gameplay when resources run dry or compilations take too long. Being able to connect with friends would also facilitate patience for slow progress.

5. Another way this lack of player-to-player connection could be improved is by being able to hack nearby players. As nearby players are already listed in the rankings on the world screen, this particular addition already has a foundation to jump-start it. Being able to hack or view nearby players' networks would create a sense of community and geographical integration. While it is an intimidating proposition, this may be the single most enhancing addition possible for this game. It relates closely to and would help somewhat with suggestions 2 and 4, while also bringing it into competition with games like Ingress and Pokémon Go. Imagine the popularity! Those apps have proven that their player base remains loyal for a long time.

We realize that there are limitations as to what adjustments are possible and when they can be achieved, and that bug fixes take priority over feature requests; but please note, any and all of these features would greatly improve gameplay, user satisfaction, and the overall Integrity and success of the game. HACKERS has the potential to become a dominant mobile app not only in strategy genre, but among all free games. It already has amazing ratings, but the lack of player-to-player connection and communication is preventing it from making that last great stride. We thank you for sincerely considering these suggestions and taking the time to implement ideas from us players.

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