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Well done Tricksterarts! You surely do created best game on android, but with just a little more content this game would be absolutely much more interesting to play. I alredy have 4 accounts, lvl 50, lvl 35, 27 and lvl 26. I play this game for 8 months probably even more and still counting. So i have some legitimate ground to review this game, and add some ideas. I don't speak or write English much so forgive me for my mistakes.
*All the numbers used are just examples, i didn't do the math to find best balance for each idea written down.

CHAPTER 1 - current state of the game

- As we all know game is very addicting, and we can play it all day. Animations are flawless, load times are very short, mechanics and graphics are very interesting and unique!

- There is something that must be fixed with current upgrade times for certain nodes and programs. For example, black ice, guardian, and scanner have very long upgrade times, how often do we see someone maxing any of those nodes? i never saw anyone so far! I did saw lvl 100 and 80 on youtube to have lvl 21 gurdian and black ice, but before that these nodes are absolutely put aside, not because they are bad or out of meta, but because upgrade times are long.

- Same goes for programs like wrath, access, portal and maniac.

- Reputation system is currently unfair. i often found myself a victim from players 7 - 10 levels higher than me. They found me on radar, and they pop up all the time on my radar. 5 levels stronger player is guranteed to destroy your network if they are expirienced hackers. So the limitation is 5 levels max in worst case scenarios! Or compensate in a way that 5+ higher level hackers dont get any loot and only 1 rep point.

- Offensive programs are overpowered. I always had a felling that programs scale stronger than nodes. This may not be the case, but i found programs to be overpowered.

CHAPTER 2 - new nodes

- First node will be defensive node (security tab) with regenerating propreties. It can regenerate "damaged" firewall, just like guardian gives shield to nearby nodes. (shields can be removed by Battering ram, and let us say a node cannot regenerate when it is frozen by blaster or shoker). Upgrading this node increases its own firewall and regeneratio rate on other nodes up to the max of 21%.

- Second node also defensive node (security tab) with total immunity to attacks. Idea of this node is to be conected in such way that your core or any other node can be more than 9 nodes away from internet access point. Actualy they are still 9 nodes away from internet access, but since you cant pass this node (it cannot be targeted by any program), you must find a way around it wich increases the total steps to the last node. This node would have 4 connection slots or more, and it must have connection linked in such order so this node doesnt break the "available path". i had to ilustrate this i cant explain it better. here is the picture. I wouldnt recommend this node to instantly spread antivirus, but it can contain antivirus recieved from other sources, antivirus stop shooting when all connected nodes to this node are taken over by attacker. Upgrading this node will boost its own antivirus by 2 points per upgrade and on every 3rd upgrade you will get additional connection slot. This node can be max lvl 9 or 12.

- Third node would be for "hacking tab" i will call this node Passiver. The idea of this node is to have passive skill tree where you can upgrade passive skills. More upgrades on Passiver will unlock more paths the same way evolver does with programs, but with a limitation, so you can't upgrade ALL pasive skills (at least i will reccomend that). I would divide this skill tree in 2 major branches. Here are some ideas for those passive skills (would be interesting if these upgrades cost both money and bcoins to upgrade).
: Branch 1 would look like exactly the same as current develop program tree, and here you would upgrade your evolved programs up to max of level 21. For an example: 21 skills in passive beam cannon would add 21 damage and 21% faster instalation of program. 21 skills in passive ice wall 210 more firewall and 21% reduced cost compilation. 21 skills in passive protector 320 more firewall and 21% faster compile time. Battering ram 42% faster attack rate, Blaster 84% faster instalation time and so on. Tons of combinations for all programs.
: Branch 2 will have utility upgrades, maxing at lvl 21. (i did think of 14 upgrades because we alredy have 14 programs and no i didnt sorted them out by importance from weakest to strongest or in wich order they should be unlocked in Passiver)) Here they are (all are considered to be alredy maxed out al lvl 21):
1.All nodes 210 more firewall.
2.21% resource income on hacks.
3.42% farm nodes income. (server farm, bcoin mine)
4.21% shorter node build and upgrade times.
5.21% shorter program eveolving and upgrade times.
6.21% less chances to apear on someone radar.
7.21 more seconds to hack other networks.
8.21 less seconds attackers have to hack your network.
9.21% faster antivirus spread.
10.210 more access mode points. (stealth hacking)
11.210 less access points for stealth attackers.
12.21 more library space.
13.21% more reputation.
14.21% stronger shields and code strenght.

CHAPTER 3 - network skill tree or player skill tree

- Each time you get network level you will be granted 1 upgrade point, every 5 levels this upgrade point is 2x times as strong. These points can be spent on ANY node up to a maximum of 10 times, even 10 times 2x stronger point. Each node will get its own special propreties for example(all examples are normal upgrade point not doubled one): Sentry 1 damage per upgrade point, Turret 2 damage, Black ice 3 damage, Guardian 10 shield, Core 1% damage reduction, Code gate 10 firewall and 10 code strenght, Evolver, Compiler and Program library 2% faster antivirus attack and spread rate, Bcoin mine and Server farm 10 shield and 1% slower download rate.

CHAPTER 4 - custom nodes and programs

- Every hacker can create its own unique program (can carry only one per hack) and node (only one can be built in network). For example, you have the propreties of all programs to choose from. Cost, disk space, compilation time, instalation time and slot usage on nodes will depend how complex program is created. (All program or defensive abilities are 20% weaker than they are on normal programs or nodes.) Custom programs and nodes scale as you upgrade their "indigridients" such as shuriken or black ice.

- Here is the exapmle of custom programs:
1.Let us say you combine shuriken, protector and maniac. End result will be 20 min compilation time, 3 slot program (because you combined 3 different programs), 20 disk space and very fast instalation time on a occupying node. Every program would behave as they normaly do, so shuriken wont be firing maniac at all neighbour nodes all the time.

2. If you combine 3 beam cannons, it would be 1 program slot, 6 disk space, 4 min compilation time, 2 second instalation time.

3. If you combine worms and 2 protector, it would be 2 slot program, 15 disk space, 15 min compilation time, 7 second instalation time.

- Here is the example of custom nodes:
1. Guardian, turret, code gate. This would be node with 5 program slots (3 slots are minimum in game, so for 3 defensive stats you will have 5 program slot node), long build time, and only 2 connection slots. Every node would behave as they normaly do, so turret and shields will attack or buff one node at a time.

2. Black ice and database. This node will have 4 program slots, medium build time, 3 connection slots. Storage for money is included just how black ice firing damage is included.

CHAPTER 5 - Clans, clan networks, country networks.

- Clans can be implemented in game to personalize group of hackers. These clans can create their own network, let's say 5 man network with 150+ nodes. This very same networks can be hacked by other clans up to 5 players simultaneosly hacking one network. Buying nodes and upgrading network is done by donating money and b coins from clan members. This feature can contain special nodes only available for clan networks, i will not get into it further.

- Country network can be built by top 10 players (in their country) 300+ nodes. These networks can be simaltenosly hacked by 10 players or less. Money for this network can be donated by any player playing in his own country. This feature can contain special nodes only available for country networks, i will not get into it further.

*Both clan and country networks will have their own raiting leaderboard

CHAPTER 6 - new raiting system and level cap

- Speaking of new raiting system, i wouldn't change it much. It is pretty good but 2 things personaly bother me alot.
First thing is alredy mentioned in this post and it involves much higher enemies attacking us and appearing on our radar.
Second thing is reputation grind. How can someone lvl 30 be higher on ladder than someone lvl 90? lvl 30 would never be able to hack lvl 90 and that lvl 30 is considered as "better hacker" just because he grinded up reputation points. i have solution wich will benefit mostly high level players, but as far as i know, every competitive game i have ever played (and i'm playing competitive games for 18 years now) had strongest and most expirienced players on top of the ladder.

Solution 1 At every 500 raiting, there should be a quest, wich you must pass in order to gain further reputation. These quests can be manualy created by devs, or they can be copied networks of someone who is alredy 500 reputation. This copied networks can change every week, month or so.

Solution 2 At 3000 reputation, master level, you will get revealed to ANYONE who is 3000+ raiting. No matter if you are lvl 30 and he is lvl 90, you appear on his radar and he chooses if he wants to hack you or not. He will start appearing on your radar including ALL 3000+ raiting players in game. i said 3000 raiting to be the starting point so this cannot be exploited on lower ranks.

I will finish this long post here. I am looking forward to your opinions on this subject. I am ready to help thing like this come to life. Cheers everyone.

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Post by crack » Sun Jul 30, 2017 8:17 pm

I'd like to second this list of ideas here, thou I'll be back to add 1 or 2 about the rep rating system later. Thanks (how) for your effort.
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Post by iblitxkreig » Mon Aug 07, 2017 3:03 am

Okay let point out a few points about your ideas here.
1. Ill agree to most of this, but a lot of it requires a whole rework of the game.
2. Your suggestion about the rep system will not work, I’ll explain why it will not here.

Reputation as it stands is not based off of “Skill”. It’s based off of how much you play the game. By this Players like TheLurkingRage and Crack hacks all day long, while spending credits to quick compile to hack. This is not “skill”. Anybody could do this and be on the leaderboard.

As for leveling system, it’s perfectly fine the way it setup up. Level is the not the problem here. A level 29 as myself, can be just as skilled as a level 90. It complete bullshit if a level 90 can hack a level 30 just because they have high Rep. Rep and Leaderboard should be “Skilled” based, not how much you play the game. Rep is also broken as of right now, I’ll explain here.

How rep is gain is not by “Skill” as I mentioned above. How it setup is a poly to make more money out of it seems. TheLurkingRage, and Crack, and few of the top 25 cannot Keep high Rep. They lose more rep than the gain. To overcome this, a player is forced to play all day lone or spend money to buy credit to continuously hack to maintain rep. I’m not sure how this is supposedly be “skilled” based. The leaderboard should be setup to player skill level, not by how much they hack.

Another issue is that, a player like TheLurkingRage can be online all day long with a timer to time himself when his “online shield” is about to expire. This prevent anyone from hacking him. He only does this because Rep is not balanced out and he forced to spend credits to out hack the rep he would lose. If you change the rep the way you had mentioned, this method will still be viable to me a level 29, and I’ll still be on the leaderboard, thus the system is still broken.

So the point I’m making is that the Leaderboard should be skilled based, not off how much you hack, and Level does not matter. As mentioned a level 30 could be just as skilled as a level 90. Imploring your setup of forcing high levels to hack low level does not fix the rep system, and it still will be broken among the high levels as I mentioned to reasons above. On top of you leaving one path for anyone that plays the game. They are forced to level up to max, just to be on leaderboard. This takes several mouth if not more than half a year to do. Majority of player would have quit and stopped playing due to boredom.

Another topic is majority of players do not care about rep. They stay low rep to stay away from this broken system and to be lower rep to hack the inactive bases the produce massive loot. This cause an inflation of only the same players on the leaderboard hacking each other over and over.

Thank you and have a nice day!
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And from my side add a new feature in this game in which you can preview any profile by just clicking on it.

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