To cluster or not to cluster

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To cluster or not to cluster. That is the question

Don't cluster
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To cluster or not to cluster

Post by Fluffington » Thu Nov 24, 2016 12:38 am

  • If one of the defence nodes gets taken down, the other defences can recapture it back quickly
  • Gives the attacker 4+ attacking slots to attack the other defences making the choke point less effective
  • If one of the defence nodes gets taken down, the attacker can't do much with that captured defence node as there is nothing much behind it
  • Once a defence node is gone, it will be difficult to take it back
Which do you guys think is better for choke points?
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Re: To cluster or not to cluster

Post by Barons » Thu Nov 24, 2016 1:01 am

In my very limited experience it seems like the more convoluted you can make a choke point the better. I'd like my attackers to be rotating their view and trying to keep track of multiple shield timers while figuring out what node they should take next. In the clustered version attackers will need to keep track of each node they capture until the whole cluster is taken. Imho a much higher chance of them losing a node and having to back track or spend so many programs they can't capture my loot at the end.

With the spread out version the attacker can take it one step at a time. Once the first turret goes down who cares if the sensor is recaptured just take out the sentry and use it's higher firewall and extra connection as your strong point to capture the rest of the choke point.

If I'm wrong here I need to totally redo my net lol

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Re: To cluster or not to cluster

Post by Yopee » Thu Nov 24, 2016 3:23 am

A bit of option A, a bit of option B.

Generally, I keep Black ICEs away from everything else. There's the usual five program slot issue. Also, their slow attack means they will take chip damage and be captured eventually.

However, I do prefer using multiple turrets on lvl 1 scanner chokepoint.

I guess it all comes down to your sentry. That's the only thing which can hit multiple nodes at once which is what you would go for in clustered.
If you got a strong sentry, I say go for it.

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Re: To cluster or not to cluster

Post by flyingmonkey22 » Wed Nov 30, 2016 3:46 pm

Personally I'm preferring non-clustered designs over clusters. In low rep levels the cluster works well because players are still learning their hacks and are easily caught out with their ice wall/protector timings. As you get further up in reputation naturally the competition is harder. By this time a good hacker is quick enough to 9/10 times replace their shields immediately or even use a shocker for that matter and disable everything since it's clustered.

Not only that the point of most choke-points (where else would one cluster.. :? )isn't to stop an attack but to slow them down, by using clusters I feel you give the hacker much more room to move since the can hit multiple nodes at once and shut you down faster.

Important thing to note,
1) We want our attackers to spend time and programs as much as possible, clusters can potentially do neither. Yes they can overtake a node and kill the programs there handily but more often then not what happens is they Ice wall and protector, the start hitting your other nodes and so on. This means once they open up one more node they have the ability to secure that and use one set of programs to take out all the rest.
Eg. You have a scanner connected to a black ice and two turrets, these all are wired to a guardian and scanner and turret, and in turn connected to each other. Hacker takes one node, from this node he/she can use a set of ice wall/protectors and offensive programs to hit each other node one at a time. Yes they may have to add another two or so Ice walls however you basically end up saving the hacker more programs this way. Alternatively if they use programs on each node they secure, the may waste some programs but they speed up the process and you save them time.

But hey it's all about what you feel is best! ;)

Keep hacking 8-) ! ~fly

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Re: To cluster or not to cluster

Post by gimmechocolate » Wed Dec 07, 2016 10:08 pm

I like to cluster my defenses, but make sure there are no connections between nodes on the same layer, so that way nodes are still won back easily, but the choke point will not earn support until it captures a node, and then that node capturea another. Best of both worlds (almost).

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