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Your network is certainly secure from most reasonable brute force attacks and those that could take out the defenses would unlikely reach the vault in time. But have you been hit by any hybrid attacks? Nearly every attack against my base lately has involved at least 2 wraiths and the majority of non-hybrid attacks against my network were performed by attackers that had ridiculously well upgraded programs (one guy even had level 10 beam cannons which tore right through my core level 6 network). I can easily see wraiths knocking out one or two of the turrets in the first cluster trivializing the first half of the brute force phase. I don't know how well choke point layouts handle portal attacks, especially without 2 or more code gates towards the front and a high level scanner watching them.

I like to do hypothetical attacks on networks to get an idea on how secure they are. Imagine this hybrid attack on your network:
The attacker starts by using access on the net connection, compiler and evolver then a wraith on the first code gate followed up with access on that too and an access on the scanner (maybe that should be wraithed?) and finally a portal on the black ice in the back. That black ice would make a great beachhead because it has a decent firewall, 5 program slots, is behind most of your defenses and is adjacent to one of your only sentries. The attacker would then begin the brute force phase of the attack by installing the necessary defensive programs on that portal-ed black ice of an ice wall and maybe a protector (but that seems like a waste, a second ice wall would do the trick if the first one falls). A blaster there would prioritize and lock down that sentry allowing antivirus to only spread to the turret, other programs for that node would probably be 2 beam cannons and a worm. Once in control of the sentry, the attacker would likely drop a ram and 2 beam cannons, an ice wall seems wasteful because antivirus hasn't had the chance to spread and the only security node would be the turret that's distracted by the black ice. The rear code gate would fall soon enough and the attacker would leave the vault and the other resource nodes in the back to the worms allowing full attention to be focused on the front half of the network. Chances are they'd have what they came there for and ignore your core and remaining resources (cost/reward ratio) but if they did want to take everything then they'd probably use a blaster/protector combo and/or shurikens to break your guardian choke point.
That attack (without attempting to take the guardian and the first defensive cluster) would only take 6 access programs, 1 wraith (maybe 2 if you used one on the scanner), 1 portal, 1-2 ice walls, ~4 beam cannons, 1 blaster, 1 ram and 1 worm. Now I know that portal attacks aren't very common at this level but I've been hit by a few already and I'm just core level 6 (almost fully upgraded network and core is upgrading to 7 as I type). So while you've been lucky so far, just know that it's not going to last indefinitely.

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xxxstylesxxx wrote: It's going to get a nerf so enjoy it while it's practically unstoppable!
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Layout for core 8. Let me know what yall think

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look at your rank! ahahhaha that defense is for noobs didn't protect your core? sriously? gagaga
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FFS, look at the date of posts before replying :!:
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