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Re: Advice for my Level 7 Core Network?

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:15 pm
by Fluffington
If your worried about stealth, heres a few tips:

1. You really only need one good positioned scanner for a good defence. This is because when two scanners detect activity, only the higher level one activates.

2. Use your code gates well. Preferably in range of your scanner. Code gate's filter makes it slower to put access programs on it

3. Keep your scanner 3 connection points away from the closest net connection. This makes sures that the scanner is activated as soon as the stealth begins

4. Upgrade your scanner and code gates. Best do this early game when you are less exposed to stealth

5. Start using stealth attacks. More experience in attacking gives you more experience in defence. Learning what works and what doesn't work is important. Once you do this, you can start sharing experience on the forums :)

With your questiom about passives...
I don't think so, but thats just based of my stealth attacks. I'll look closely next time I use it.

Upgrades for gold?
Scanner (the earlier, the better) > gates > sentries (cheap) > black ice > turret > guardian (it's not that great early game. Shields are only like 80-100 extra firewall)

I usually upgrade things every two levels. 1 > 2 > 4 > 6 etc because they change looks each time :) Intimidation factor y'know XD

Re: Advice for my Level 7 Core Network?

Posted: Mon Oct 31, 2016 11:39 pm
by kingofsnipers
The set basic 20/s visibility or how to called it cannot by changed. So scanner doesnt improve basic detection value set by game, it just detects attacks in its range, while they are active. This means, once access is installed and removed(automatically), it no longer triggers scanner.

And I recently use a lot of stealth attacks and I can say, that even scanner lvl 6+ doesnt stop me from portaling behind defences. Just rly higher lvl above 8-9 stop me like inside of defense, but i get to portal into guardian or black ice mostly, which is nice spot with many slots for programs.

I started using stealth (hybrid attacks) just to understand better ho to defend against it. So far havent found out my own way of defending :D Right now I have many ideas in my head, one worse than other, still have not come up with somthing actually effective against stealth/hybrid attacks.

Just was thinking about making some kind of "centipede" setup to use scanner to its fullest with gates just at the edge of scanners range. But well its shitty setup against brute force attacks, so maybe few days later I will post some thoughts on defence against stealth. When i was in 750 rating, it was rly popular there, got hacked by it from everyone :D

Edit: I have one lvl 10 scanner and the other one lvl1 currently used as choke point, so I am actually using one efficiently too :D

Well changed a topic a bit, but I guess its ok since we were discussing stealth related things.