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by Froste
Mon Jul 24, 2017 1:16 am
Topic: Potential Update Ideas (New Features)
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The Biggest Bug

I and many others greatly appreciate the effort put into adjusting the search algorithm, amid the scores of other pressing issues, maintenance and requested features. However, there is still 90% of the iceberg hidden and remaining to be fixed. The top 10% of this "iceberg" is the obvious repeats of ...
by Froste
Wed May 03, 2017 3:15 am
Topic: Updates
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From Six Fans

Hello, I am a fresh but fond player of HACKERS. The game is excellent, but it is rather difficult to provide feedback or contact developers. This is my attempt at such, so if there is a more reliable or effective means to provide feedback to the developers, that would be good to know. I have a list ...