Easter Eggs??!!!

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Easter Eggs??!!!

Postby 570RM » Tue Mar 12, 2019 12:48 am

So while watching some let's plays on YouTube, I found out that there are some hidden eastereggs hidden within the game. There are 2 different ones, one with the Core and one with the Scanner. The core one simply pulls up a grid image that changes every 5 seconds. The one with the scanner however has the same grid, but you are able to click around and change the coloring of the grid. Now, I just found out about this 20 or so minutes ago, so I may not be totally correct in saying that the core grid is used as a map for the scanner grid. Feel free to tell me what you think these both are for. So as of getting the Easter eggs to appear, do the fallowing for each of the nodes
Core (any level):
Simply just tap repeatedly, and after a while, a grid image will pop up. It changes when ever you tap it, so not really a useful thing in my case...

Scanner (any level):
Press and hold for about 30 seconds. Soon after, an interactive grid will appear, similar to that of the cores. This one however, will allow you to create a pattern. Touching a square will invert it and the others bordering it (the outside ones dont however)

So, like I mentioned earlier, I have no idea on what this will unlock (unlimited credits? Some other easter egg? Who knows...), but if you do manage to crack the code, please comment it below!!! So, in the meantime, I'm going to try and crack this code, and see what we get from it!
Good luck, and happy Hacking!
570RM ;)
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