Potential Update Ideas (Program and Nodes)

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Re: Potential Update Ideas (Program and Nodes)

Postby HCX - DReaD » Sun Oct 01, 2017 2:22 am

Reverse Transcribe
A hostile program that will corrupt all connected nodes, making them temporarily recover your lost firewall points instead of damaging it every time it attacks. One-time use. Corrupt duration will increase as the program get upgraded.

C4 Alpha
A program that will initiates self-destruct on captured node, dealing a huge amount of firewall damage to all connected nodes (including nodes that has been captured by you), but rebooting the installed node after the explosion, effectively giving them back to the network owner.

A security node that will slowly deletes one program at a time on all infected nodes within 2 connections from Leukocyte. Deleting speed depends on node level and the program's DPS being deleted.

A program that will revert every connected nodes to its original state; meaning it will regain any lost firewall points, bring captured nodes back to its owner and lose their antivirus progress/state.

A program that will removes antivirus state installed on nodes slowly. It will only start removing the antivirus from the nodes when it is finish being installed. Removal speed depends on antivirus' dps and program level.

A program that will replicate currently installed programs into empty program slots in the said node. Useful on nodes with 4 or more program slots, effectively cutting down programs needed to be used. Cannot replicate special programs like Kraken or one-time use programs like Shocker.

A stealth program that will slowly spread inside a network while permanently reducing DPS value of infected security nodes (value return to normal after the hacking finished). Can only be installed on netConnection. Any Trojan will be removed when stealth phase ends.

(Each programs/nodes' details such as compilation time, price, disk space, install time, etc would probably better if decided by the developers)

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Re: Potential Update Ideas (Program and Nodes)

Postby Sibernetika » Sun Oct 22, 2017 12:22 pm

Allow stealth to do scouting, instead of connecting to a network we can use access from the world map on viable targets, so we never connect to a targeted network but we receive a screenshot/3D view of the targeted network, then we can decide if we wish to connect to the network or not
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